Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pretty in Pink

Today I received my first free item from work! One of the dress designers asked me to try on a sample dress because she wanted to see what it looked like on, and it happened to be my size. When I had tried it on and was returning it to her, she told me to just keep it. It was so generous of her and completely unexpected.

Its more pink than it looks in the picture; my dorm just has really crappy lighting. Coincedentally enough, about a minute before I tried this dress on, my boss told me that pink wasn't really my color because of my pale skin. I was wearing my light pink Gap cardigan to try to keep warm in our freezing office, and I guess she didn't really like the way it looked. It was actually sort of funny because I don't think she meant it offensively at all; she was just stating her opinion. And then I walked away a minute later with a brand new pink dress. Definitely a little ironic. I actually normally do steer clear of really light pastels and pinks because I am very light-skinned, but lately I have been embracing my fair coloring. Sometimes I wish I could get a better tan, but I kind of like having pale skin and blue eyes. Plus nude tones are a really big clothing trend right now, so I can't wait to rock this romantic-looking, pale pink dress. So pretty!

Occasion: Work and intern dinner at Tony's
What I'm wearing: Sunkissed Gap tee, Old Navy coral shorts, Vintage pocketwatch necklace via Talk of the Town, Merona wedges via Target

I hate that you can never see my shoes in my pictures, so I did a little photoshoot over on the desk so you could see my wedges. Both of my roommates moved out this week so I have a ton of space all to myself right now; I decided to take advantage. I think I may have finally gotten over my shorts phobia. I have had these for about two years and rarely wear them, but it was a warm one this morning which made them very appealing. I really like their length; short enough to look contemporary but long enough to be flattering. Now if only I could find some jean shorts that fit just like this...


Anonymous said...

That dress is absolutely gorgeous. You look great in shorts. I love the phote shoot. Nice to see the complete outfit.

Jillians104 said...

1. I love the dress
2. As a fellow pale person, I think pink looks good with our skin tone!
3. lol seductive desk pose

brown.3753 said...

I love that dress!!