Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bright and Cheery

Boyfriend is finally here! I'm making a quick post while he takes a quick catnap (he went straight from an exam to traveling, so I guess he has an excuse to be tired), and then we are going to for a little evening stroll in Washington Square Park. I have the day off tomorrow so we will be going to see the stock exchange open in the morning (he's an economics major, what can I say?) and then probably spend the day at the Met and Central Park, followed by the Yankees game. Posts will be probably be sporadic this weekend, but I plan on taking lots of pictures and will probably do a big post on Sunday. Here is what I wore for my last day of the workweek:

Occasion: Work
What I'm wearing: Forever 21 top, Jodi Arnold for the Limited skirt, Topshop necklace, Forever 21 pearl earrings, Banana Republic sandals (not pictured)

Can you tell I was in a good mood by the color of this shirt? Its a little less bright in person, but I definitely dressed to fit my mood this morning. A little bit of a damper was put on my cheery outlook when I got lost on a work errand in Soho, but all was well by the time I got off work and met up with the boyfriend. He even complimented my outfit (a rarity), so it must be a good day. I can't wait to spend three days with him seeing New York. I hope you have a good weekend as well!


Anonymous said...

Well HELLO sunshine!!

KT said...

This skirt is adorable and I bet it is going to be perfect to mix and match for the 30 for 30 challenge. Can't wait to see what else you come up with.