Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Confidence and Compliments

Yesterday, I challenged myself to dress a little more like a New York City fashionista. Here is what I came up with:

Occasion: Work and lunch with a friend
What I'm wearing: Love 21 top, H&M skinny pants, Forever 21 necklace, J.Crew metallic flats (not pictured)

I really like what I came up with today. After a few days of blah outfits, it put a spring in my step to be wearing something that I felt really good in. I got more compliments from my co-workers today than I have all summer, and I think its partly because the outfit is cute but partly because of the attitude I was wearing it with. Whenever I feel good about myself in what I'm wearing, I carry myself with a completely different confidence than when I feel just so-so about my outfit. Kinda silly, but I'm sure you other stylish ladies out there can relate. Like for instance, when I put on a pair of heels, I instantly feel more confident, powerful, and pulled together. Unfortunately, I have a very minimal heel tolerance; I really don't think my feet are meant to last longer than 20 minutes in heels. If I was actually doing this outfit justice, I would have worn it with these babies:

MICHAEL Michael Kors Berkley T-Straps

I bought these killer heels for myself as a birthday gift (haha yes you can judge me for buying myself presents and using my birthday as a justification to spend too much money), and sadly, I have not worn them nearly enough for how much I paid for them. I'm half-considering putting them in my 30 items for the 30 for 30 challenge to literally force myself to wear them. What do you think? Do you wear torturous heels? Is the pain worth the beauty, in the name of fashion?


Anonymous said...

that outfit looks great on you. i love those heels. i can just see your confidence. great outfit.

NoGuiltFashion said...

I wear what others would consider torturous heels, and love doing so. However, those heels are a million times more comfortable than dancing for hours on end in my pointe shoes. I love the confidence you exude in this outfit. I give it two thumbs up.

angeline said...

My most expensive pair of shoes is also my least-worn. I don't feel an ounce of guilt about them, though, because I love them (I just can't stand to wear them...soooo painful). I do agree with confidence making your outfit stand out, though...rock on, girl!

Melissa said...

I love the outfit! Very NY!

For your 30 for 30 I would definatly recommend putting in items you want to wear more often. However, make sure you have enough practical shoes as well. I've had days where i've worn my uncomfy but adorable heels for part of the day (and the photos) but my comfy sandals for the rest of the day.

elizabethashleyphoto said...

Love the outfit!

I'm the same way about an outfit changing my confidence level. Some days I just wear a standard "uniform" of work pants + top and I know I look fine, but when I go that extra step and put thought into accessories and maybe change out the shoes, I feel way more fabulous.

I used to wear ridiculously uncomfortable (but so cute!) heels all the time when I first started working (a whole 3 years ago), but lately my feet have started to feel the pain, so I stick to flats and my most comfortable heels. Every now and then, I'll go back to an uncomfy pair and it's like my feet can't take it anymore. I figured if my feet already hurt after only 3 years, imagine how bad they will feel in 30 or 40! So I had to change some things.

I think those Michael Kors shoes are gorgeous! You should definitely try to wear them more often...just have a spare pair of comfy shoes on hold, just in case!