Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 11: Life After NYC

day 11


What I'm wearing: Zara top, Old Navy cardigan, Urban Outfitters shorts, Target scarf and sandals, Kate Spade Outlet tote, Bangles from Old Navy, Forever 21, and J.Crew outlet

These pictures feel like they were taken forever ago. I've been in a bit of a post-NYC trance, catching up on sleep, lazing around in sweats, and trying to get things organized for another move back to Columbus. I haven't worn makeup or put on cute clothes since I've been back, which has been a nice change but makes the person in this picture look barely recognizable. But it's been really great to finally have time to sit around and do nothing, try out some new recipes, start tearing out pages for my Fall inspiration board, and making lists for my LAST year of back-to-school shopping (insert sad face here). My family is taking a mini-vacation this weekend, but once we get back, normal life and dressing in something other than sweats needs to resume. I've got a 30 for 30 to finish!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back in the Buckeye State


Surprise, I'm back in Ohio! If you follow me on twitter you already know the saga, but basically my parents and I decided Thursday night it would be best for me to fly home a week early to escape the hurricane that was on its way to NYC. After a flight cancellation and some major freaking out, I caught a 6:00 AM flight yesterday with a layover in Georgia and was home by 1:00 PM! The new interns threw me a little goodbye party on Friday complete with Crumbs cupcakes to thank me for training them. Aren't they the sweetest?! I'm going to miss the city, but I couldn't be happier to be home, safe and sound. Sorry for the lack of posting the past few 30 for 30 will resume tomorrow!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 10: Embracing Color

day 10


What I'm wearing: Zara top, Gap Always Skinny jeans, Gap espadrilles, H&M necklace

Last weekend Natalie and I decided to have a girls night out. We went to Blockheads, a cute little outdoor restaurant for $4(!) drinks and Mexican food. It was the perfect way to celebrate our last weekend in the city, even if at the time we thought we still had another weekend ahead (this was all Pre-Irene). I threw this outfit together really fast, but I kind of love it! I've definitely embraced color more this summer than I ever have before. Brights are a big trend for Fall as well, so now I just have to figure out how to transition my colorful pieces into cooler weather. Will you be wearing bright colors this upcoming season?

Day 9: Haphazard

day 9

day 1
What I'm wearing: Urban Outfitters maxi dress, J.Crew outlet chambray shirt, Target scarf and sandals, Forever 21 belt, Vintage earrings

Without fail, every time I do a 30 for 30, I come up with new layering combinations. And while this look seems a little haphazard and kind of reminds me of something my crazy high school art teacher would have worn, I like that I'm trying new things. Also, this backdrop is the lobby of my new (and very temporary) apartment. Isn't it cute?

Day 8: Dreaming of Fall

day 8

What I'm wearing: Gap tee, Old Navy vest, J.Crew Minnie pants, Target sandals, Vintage necklace, Urban Outfitters earrings, Nails: OPI Pamplona Purple+ Sally Hansen Xtreme Rockstar Pink

So I'm officially about a week behind on posting pictures. Work has gotten CRAZY lately since we are currently understaffed. I'm lucky if I get home by 8 or 9 every night. So lets just say Ohio is starting to look a little more inviting every day. I've been dreaming of getting back to school, of crisp Fall weather, pumpkin cappuccinos, football games, and cozy sweaters. I can't wait to style this vest up like this or with a sweater and boots as soon as Fall is here. Until then, it's proving to be a great summer layering piece...I've already worn it twice so far in my 30 for 30 and have to actively remind myself not to wear it every day, that's how much I love it!

Day 7: Conquering Colored Denim

day 7

What I'm wearing: H&M blouse, J.Crew sweater, Zara red jeans, Banana Republic outlet sandals, Forever 21 pearl earrings

I used to be so afraid of colored denim. I even considered returning these pants after I bought them, but ultimately decided it was time for me to try something new. I always thought that bright denim was meant for girls with stick-thin figures, and as someone with more of a pear shape, I would never be able to pull it off. But during my time here in NYC, I saw more and more girls wearing colored jeans and was dying to try the trend for myself. So I threw all preconceived notions aside, and here I am, wearing my red denim proudly! For this look, I kept the top half neutral, but I can't wait to pair these pants with more brights. So lesson of the day: Don't just assume something won't work for your body type. It doesn't hurt to try things on in a dressing room; if it looks silly, you're the only one who will be seeing it. If you really want to try out something new, go for it!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 6: The Last Stop on My Tour de Carrie Bradshaw

day 6



What I'm wearing: Urban Outfitters maxi dress, Target sandals, Thrifted scarf as belt, Bangles from Old Navy, J.Crew, Forever 21, and street vendors. My nails are Hint of Mint-Nicole by OPI

Like millions of other women, I'm a huge Sex and the City fan. I wasn't old enough to watch the show when it was originally on tv (nor did I have cable back then), but when I was old enough, I went out and bought the seasons on dvd and was instantly hooked. Last summer while in NYC, I did my own little tour de Carrie Bradshaw, but I missed a stop: 66 Perry Street. That is the location where they shot the exterior of Carrie's apartment, even though it was actually supposed to be on the Upper East Side. Ever since discovering that there is an actual address you can visit, I've been dying to get my picture taken on the front stoop, a la Miss Bradshaw. Ideally I would have been wearing a white fluffy tutu like she does at the beginning of the show, but a black maxi dress and fun printed scarf will have to do.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 5: Gems and Gelato

day 5


What I'm wearing: J.Crew outlet chambray button-down and skirt, J.Crew flats, Forever 21 necklace, Coach outlet clutch

When my family was in town this weekend, we ventured over to Little Italy for dinner. And no trip to Little Italy is complete without a trip to Ferrara. It's an adorable little bakery with delicious gelato. My brother and I each got a mini cannoli and the whole family got gelato...yum! It was already dark by the time we met up for dinner, so these pictures aren't the best, but I really liked my outfit. The tied-up chambray is a new look for me, but I like how it turned out. And this necklace always adds the perfect amount of glitz to an outfit, even if its just a plain chambray shirt. What a gem! That's what I love about the 30 for forces you to think outside the box and try out new outfit combinations and styles. So far, it's been smooth sailing (although we'll see how I feel around day 15)! Also, I was featured on today! You can check it out here!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 4: An Old Favorite

day 4

What I'm wearing: Gap dress, Target sandals, Thrifted belt, Vintage necklace and bracelet, Urban Outfitters earrings, Mondani bag via Steinmart

What a weekend! Tomorrow will actually be outfit 7, but I'm quite a bit behind on posting because this weekend my family came to visit. I'll be living on the Upper West Side with my friend Natalie for the last three weeks of my internship, so my family was here to help me make the move across the city. I can't believe how fast the time has seems like just yesterday was my first day at the magazine. This outfit was what I wore to the office on Friday. It's been an old favorite since long before this blog ever existed, and a similar variation was worn in one of my first outfit posts ever. Do you have a favorite outfit that you reach for year after year?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 3: View From the Top

day 3

What I'm wearing: H&M dress, J.Crew outlet belt, Banana Republic sandals, Pink Box earrings

Folks, I present to you the gorgeous view from the fashion closet. Pretty awesome, right? I honestly think the background is upstaging my outfit here. I was really tired this morning, so I went with the first thing that caught my eye: a LBD with a bright belt for a pop of color. Frankly, I'm even more tired now, so I'm keeping it short. Good night!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 2: Bookish

day 2


What I'm wearing: J.Crew dress, Target sandals, NY & Co. outlet necklace, J.Crew tote

This weekend I will be moving out of the dorm and across town, so today was spent running errands, doing laundry, and getting ready for the move. To be honest, I spent part of the day in sweats with dirty hair, but after taking a shower, I opted for the much cuter option of an easy dress, statement necklace, and minimal makeup. In the afternoon I took a break from the overwhelming task of deciding what to pack for the move and what to send back to Ohio and met up with my friend Natalie for some shopping at the Strand. I've always wanted to do outfit pictures in a bookstore or library, and I finally got my wish! I've loved reading ever since I was little, so the Strand is like a giant playground for me. I caved and bought the book One Day by David Nicholls, which is about to come out as a movie starring Anne Hathaway. While we were in the neighborhood, we also stopped at the Big Gay Ice Cream truck (no kidding, that's seriously what it's called). I got the "gobbler" which was vanilla ice cream with pumpkin and whip cream, and it was SERIOUSLY delicious. I cannot wait until fall when pumpkin flavored things are everywhere...yum!



Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 1: Starting off with a Blair

day 1

What I'm wearing: Urban Outfitters maxi dress, Old Navy vest, Forever 21 flower pin, Target sandals, Mondani bag via Steinmart

It's day one of my third 30 for 30 challenge! I would love to claim full credit for this ensemble, but I had some help from my style inspiration board on Pinterest. This look was inspired by Miss Blair of Atlantic-Pacific, one of my absolute favorite bloggers. When I saw this vest at Old Navy, I immediately thought of her and all of the great looks she's created with hers. Next thing you know, I was standing in line to buy it and already thinking of how I couldn't wait to recreate this vest + flower look. So here is my interpretation...what do you think?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

30 for 30: Round 3 picks

Surprise! I've decided to do another 30 for 30! It's been awhile since my first two (which can be seen here and here), so I thought it was about time I did another. If you're new to my blog and are thinking "what the heck is a 30 for 30?", check out Kendi's the leader of this whole movement, she explains it best. So why a 30 for 30 now, when everyone else (like Kendi and Linda, just to name a few) recently finished theirs up? Next weekend I will be moving out of NYU and into my friend's apartment for three weeks, so I will essentially be living out of a suitcase for a little while. Therefore, it seemed like the perfect time to do another remix challenge. I didn't agonize as much as usual over what to include...I'm not sure if that means I'm getting better at this or that I'm just lazy and am going to regret some of my picks halfway through. As of now, I've only included 29 items, which thankfully leaves me a little wiggle room. Here's what I've chosen for my third 30 for 30:



*Edit: The chambray top above is actually from J.Crew outlet. Oops!


vest and blazer


skirts and shorts