Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 2: Bookish

day 2


What I'm wearing: J.Crew dress, Target sandals, NY & Co. outlet necklace, J.Crew tote

This weekend I will be moving out of the dorm and across town, so today was spent running errands, doing laundry, and getting ready for the move. To be honest, I spent part of the day in sweats with dirty hair, but after taking a shower, I opted for the much cuter option of an easy dress, statement necklace, and minimal makeup. In the afternoon I took a break from the overwhelming task of deciding what to pack for the move and what to send back to Ohio and met up with my friend Natalie for some shopping at the Strand. I've always wanted to do outfit pictures in a bookstore or library, and I finally got my wish! I've loved reading ever since I was little, so the Strand is like a giant playground for me. I caved and bought the book One Day by David Nicholls, which is about to come out as a movie starring Anne Hathaway. While we were in the neighborhood, we also stopped at the Big Gay Ice Cream truck (no kidding, that's seriously what it's called). I got the "gobbler" which was vanilla ice cream with pumpkin and whip cream, and it was SERIOUSLY delicious. I cannot wait until fall when pumpkin flavored things are everywhere...yum!




Jenn said...

I've been meaning to pick up a copy of that book! And I love hanging out in bookstores, but the only drawback is I want to buy up lots of books. What an intriguing ice cream truck.

Complex Cardigans


love your necklace!!
have a wonderful day
kiss from prague

Anne said...

Books and an ice cream truck - my kind of day! Perfect summer outfit for it too.

Jill said...

I like your necklace! It reminds me of the twista bead necklaces that were popular when I was a kid.

My husband and I will be going to NYC for the first time in a couple of weeks. You've made me want to look up The Strand while I'm there. Books are my weakness. lol

mariel said...

The Strand is one of my absolute favorite places in New York. Hope you're enjoying your time here :)

jaimie michelle said...

Have you read the book yet?! I just wrote a post about it--I absolutely loved it and hope you do too!


Em-Jae said...

Love that dress with that necklace! Cuteness.