Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 11: Life After NYC

day 11


What I'm wearing: Zara top, Old Navy cardigan, Urban Outfitters shorts, Target scarf and sandals, Kate Spade Outlet tote, Bangles from Old Navy, Forever 21, and J.Crew outlet

These pictures feel like they were taken forever ago. I've been in a bit of a post-NYC trance, catching up on sleep, lazing around in sweats, and trying to get things organized for another move back to Columbus. I haven't worn makeup or put on cute clothes since I've been back, which has been a nice change but makes the person in this picture look barely recognizable. But it's been really great to finally have time to sit around and do nothing, try out some new recipes, start tearing out pages for my Fall inspiration board, and making lists for my LAST year of back-to-school shopping (insert sad face here). My family is taking a mini-vacation this weekend, but once we get back, normal life and dressing in something other than sweats needs to resume. I've got a 30 for 30 to finish!


Rin said...

LOVE all the bright, pretty colors in this outfit!


i love your scarf! you look very pretty
kisses from prague and enjoy your day!

Anne said...

I wish I still had back to school as a shopping excuse... now it's just shopping shopping and I still do it anyway :)

And welcome back to Ohio! Sounds like a good chance to relax for a few days.

Liz said...

I love your colour combos here! This is an outfit I would totally rock, I love it!
I can also totally relate to the post-travel trance! Good luck getting back to real life :)