Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Mild Shoe Addiction

I rarely shop online. I swear, I'm not lying. I was burned one too many times by the J.Crew 30% off final sale and learned my lesson. Also, I like trying things on and find it hard to guess sizes online. But today, I indulged in a little Target online shopping. Two summers ago, I found literally the perfect pair of gladiator sandals. They were Isaac Mizrahi for Target and the perfect mix of trendy and timeless. Since purchasing them, they have become my main summer shoe, especially here in New York City because they are incredibly comfortable and never give me blisters. Here is the unfortunate part: they are starting to get HOLES in them! They have taken a few too many city sidewalk beatings, apparently, because they are breaking down fast. After seeing a similar pair on Jessica of whatiwore, I did a little investigating and discovered Target has come out with a new pair by Merona instead of Isaac. So I caved and bought myself a new pair.

And they were a steal at $14! After reading reviews, I'm a little nervous they won't quite fill the void of my beloved Isaac Mizrahi's, but I'm hoping they will do. Also I wasn't sure what size to order, so I ordered them in two sizes with intention of returning one. This is when the dangerous spiral began. I was only $20 away from free shipping! Oh Target, you got me. I remembered a pair of (faux) suede booties I had just been looking at earlier in anticipation for fall. So they may have made it into my shopping cart too?

I have prepared the following excuses for this moment of weakness: 1. They made shipping free! 2. Just yesterday I was talking about needing to wear heels more. With a 3-inch, thick heel, they seem manageable 3. They're frickin cute! 4. I can already envision them in the fall with my black skinny pants or a tights/dress combo 5. They are only available online so I might as well buy them now with free shipping 6. okkkk I'm out of excuses. I just really love shoes? I fully intend to return them if they don't fit perfectly, I promise. I'm having them shipped to Ohio, so I will have goodies waiting for me when I get home! It will make my homecoming that much sweeter :) And give me incentive to go through my old shoes and make some room for new ones!

additional note: Thanks for all the sweet comments yesterday! And note that my mom (Beth) managed to post a comment, and she is in the hospital right now recovering from surgery. That, my friends, is true dedication and motherly love. Love you Mom! I can't wait to get home and spend some much needed time with my awesome family!


Anonymous said...

I think the suede booties wll be a good additon to your shoe wardrobe. I'm laughing at your 6 excuses...haha. I love you too and can't wait for some much needed time with you also. I'm proud of you. See you soon.

Jillians104 said...

I love booties! I keep wanting to buy some!

NoGuiltFashion said...

I don't remember seeing the booties online. I may have to do some wishlist Target shopping. Those are adorable.

Joslyn said...

i have seriously always wanted booties!! but i never know what i would wear with them if i bought some! i think we are going to have to go shopping this year and you are going to give me fashion advice :)

stealthnerd said...

Haha okay, so I was checking out your archives and I saw you wearing the Isaac sandals and then saw this post--I did the same thing you did! I've worn my Isaac's nearly to death and was in LOVE with them so when I saw the Meronas I bought them too.