Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Keeping it Simple

I'm feeling a little better after a relaxing evening in bed watching Save the Last Dance and drinking lots of fluids. I think I have been a little dehydrated from not drinking enough water to accommodate all the sweating I've been doing in this hot, non-airconditioned dorm room.

Occasion: Work
What I'm wearing: J.Crew tee (gifted), Gap Always Skinny jeans, Forever 21 pearl earrings

I purposely kept my outfit simple because I knew there was a chance I could be working on floor sets at a department store today. It ended up not happening, but I wanted to be prepared just in case. Also, I discovered today this tee is dryclean only. Boo J.Crew. Most high maintenance t-shirt I've ever owned. I have been feeling so-so about the past few outfits of mine. Hopefully I will be able to spice things up a little tomorrow if I'm feeling better. I need to be feeling 100% by Thursday when the boyfriend comes to town, so fingers crossed for a speedy recovery!


Queenie said...

aw I hope you feel better soon. That t-shirt is pretty, too much effort dry cleaning though. I'm quite naughty, if it says dry clean (or hand wash) and I think I can get away with washing it in the machine I will tut tut. Simple outfit yes, but perfectly cute, maybe some big chunky bangles or statement earrings would set it off just nice x

NoGuiltFashion said...

Isn't it sad that so many great pieces are dry clean only. I agree with Queenie. This may be a simple outfit, but if you add some great accessories it could be wow. I'm dealing with this issue myself. Trying to figure out what pieces I "need" to make better use of my boring wardrobe. Have fun experimenting.