Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Boyfriend Jeans

I can't believe how fast this past month has gone. Two weeks from Friday, my parents will be coming to NYC to help me pack up and head back to Ohio. That means I have two weekends left here to shop my butt off before my 30-day shopping ban starts. Hehe just kidding (well sort of...). The rumor around the office is that we are getting a little end-of-the-internship-thank-you gift next week. Fingers crossed that it actually happens; I'll keep you posted!

Occasion: work
What I'm wearing: J.Crew tieback top (2008), J.Crew cowboy jeans (2007), Vintage pocketwatch necklace, Isaac Mizrahi for Target sandals (not pictured)

Although they may not be the most flattering thing in the world, I love my baggy boyfriend jeans. They are so comfortable and a little less restricting/hot in this sweltering heat. Plus they hide a multitude of sins, such as all the junk food I ate while the boyfriend was in town this weekend. Speaking of jeans, I desperately need a pair of jean shorts. Any suggestions for a brand you recommend? I don't like anything too short because I have a butt and thighs, so its been difficult finding a pair that fits just right. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!


Sara said...

That top is adorable!

Kayla said...

I love boyfriend jeans too! And your necklace. I am also so happy I've inspired you to make a 101/1001 list. I hope you post it or at least email me with a few things you decide to attempt.

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