Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Apartment and Fall Inspiration

Due to the fact that I am still adjusting to my class schedule and losing my personal photographer (aka Mom...who I now live 2 hours away from), there are no outfit photos today. Instead, I thought I'd show you my new place. Its my third year of school, so I moved off campus into an apartment. I have four other roommates, but I was lucky enough to get one of the big rooms which means I have two closets! Sadly (or not so sadly), I completely filled them and a 10-drawer dresser. I definitely have way too many clothes.

Wedding, Outfits, End of Summer 111
The top of my HUGE dresser. I finally found a good use for my Liberty of London hatbox!

Wedding, Outfits, End of Summer 105
My bookshelf and adorable piggy bank from Target. Can you tell I'm a fashion major from these titles?

Wedding, Outfits, End of Summer 109
My desk, complete with more Liberty of London and my shoe calendar!

Wedding, Outfits, End of Summer 108
My nightstand. Don't you love that vase? It cost me a dollar!

Wedding, Outfits, End of Summer 107
My Fall inspiration board which hangs right next to my closet

I used to keep all of my inspiration images in a folder on my computer, but I never actually looked at it when I needed outfit ideas. Now that I have a lot of wall space, I decided to hang this bulletin board so I can constantly change it when I get new ideas. Can you tell that I've really been in a scarf mood lately? I have been collecting different images of ways to wear them. Unfortunately, it was 90 degrees today so I think it might be awhile before I get to bust out the cold weather gear.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't resist commenting on your blog today. 1.Your inspiration bulletin board turned out awesome. 2. I'm impressed that your desk is still uncluttered. 3. Your pictures above the dresser look great and...last but not least...4. YES! I love the vase. :)

Simply Bubblelicious said...

Great idea about the bulletin board! Happy Friday!


Colleen said...

I have to say this looked totally different than my college apartment. There was no decorating. Nothing on the walls. The top of dressers was for junk and not for decorations. I'll have to see if I have any pictures.

I did have the same laptop.

Sara L. said...

cute blog and room!

love the fashion board, i need one of those! i always say "oh that's so cute" looking through mags and then forget about them when it comes to picking out my outfits.