Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 25- Wedding Weekend

I apologize for being an MIA blogger lately. Between my broken laptop and celebrating my cousin's wedding yesterday, I've been pretty absent. But I have pictures, as promised! Yesterday my cousin Anna got married! She didn't have an actual bridal party, so all of my girl cousins and aunts helped her get ready yesterday. She looked gorgeous, and the wedding turned out beautiful.

All of the girl cousins (minus two) and plus one adorable flowergirl (she was the one who decided we needed to pose like this!)

The beautiful bride and I

Me and my favorite little man, Luke, who was also the ringbearer

day 25
What I'm wearinng: Love 21 dress, Merona sandals via Target, Topshop necklace, Forever 21 pearl earrings

As you can tell from the pictures, the wedding was outdoors. I had a different dress picked out to wear (free from my internship), but a coldfront came in with some rain so I decided to wear this dress instead. Normally, I would wear heels to a wedding, but sandals worked out much better since it was outside and a little muddy. Plus, I didn't include any heels in my 30 items, and I was determined to stick with the challenge even for this special day. Yesterday was an all-day affair, and boy, was I tired today. I've spent most of the day lounging around, napping, and scrapbooking, trying to recharge for my last week in Cincinnati before I go back to school. This week will also be my last week of the 30 for 30 challenge. Yay, I'm almost there! I'm hoping to keep posting regularly, despite not having a laptop. Fingers crossed it can be fixed this week!


Colleen said...

I also wore items from my 30 for 30 when I went to a wedding. It somehow felt like the outfit was even more special when I did that.

Melissa said...

Good for you sticking to the challenge at a wedding! I think you look lovely!

And i'm so sorry to hear about your laptop! We need to join some sort of 'broken important blogger electronics' support group. I'll see you at the first B.I.B.E meeting ;)