Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 23- Making Up For Lost Time

Yesterday marked the last day of my 30 day shopping ban. I think a lot of other bloggers who participated in the 30 for 30 challenge waited until they were done with the whole challenge before shopping, but I decided to just stick with the literal 30 days. I am leaving for school right when the challenge ends and really didn't want to miss out on the back-to-school shopping fun. As someone who grew up wearing a uniform from grades 1-12, I think I feel like I have to make up for lost time or something. Today I went to my favorite thrift store to ease back into shopping (already shopping the day the ban ends-shame on me, I know). Thrifting is one of those hit-0r-miss things; and today was a hit. I walked away with a cardigan (DIY post coming up soon involving it), blazer (very Ralph Lauren-esque), necklace, scarf, and belt. Grand total? 10 dollars.

day 23

September 8, 2010 008

September 8, 2010 007
Occasion: Thrifting and errands
What I'm wearing: Forever 21 ruffle tank, Target dress, Banana Republic outlet sandals, Forever 21 pearl earrings, Tiffany's bracelet (gifted)

Something about this ruffley outfit makes me feel like a little girl and makes me want to act silly (hence the last picture). This combination was another look that I have had in my head since the beginning of the challenge and just hadn't gotten around to trying yet. It turned out surprisingly well, although I did have to pin the shirt to the dress to keep them together. I have really surprised myself with this challenge; I thought by now I would be completely out of ideas and wearing the same thing over and over. 7 days to go; lets finish strong!

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