Monday, September 20, 2010

Days 28 & 29-Functional vs. Fashionable

MIA blogger alert! I ended up moving into my apartment four days earlier than planned, so the last week has been spent packing and unpacking, mostly while wearing workout attire and looking the opposite of stylish. Therefore, I am STILL not done with my 30 for 30 challenge. I think I'm about to hold the record for the longest it has taken anyone to complete it.

day 28
What I'm wearing: Target dress, Merona sandals via Target, H&M flower pin, Vintage earrings via Talk of the Town

day 29
What I'm wearing: Gap tee, Gap Always Skinny jeans, Forever 21 cardigan, Merona sandals via Target, Forever 21 green eyelet headband

So I realize that these pictures definitely aren't high quality, but I'm still adjusting to the move and trying to figure out how to proceed in terms of outfit pictures. I had gotten used to my mom taking my pictures everyday and really don't want to have to revert back to a self-timer. I'm hoping I come up with a good solution soon; until then, I hope you can tolerate some possible sub-par pictures. As for the outfits, they aren't my most creative, but they were practical for what I was doing on those days. Sometimes functionality wins out over fashion.

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Viktoria with a K said...

Oh I love both looks. The simple black dress is adorable (love the scoop neck!) and your second look is perfect for a day out! Some of the best outfits don't have to be "creative"!

Good luck with the unpacking!