Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

weekly gratitude
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My most recent blog obsession is Love, Life, Lace, an amazing blog written by the lovely Tatiana. One of my favorite things about this blog (besides Tatiana's awesome and unique style) is the "Weekly Gratitude" posts. Because I absolutely love this idea, I decided to do a weekly gratitude post of my own. Here it goes:

-I'm thankful that Spring is right around the corner. It's almost here; I just know it!
-I'm thankful for all of the amazing and supportive people in my life, especially my parents and boyfriend. They'll do whatever they can to help me achieve my dreams.
-I'm thankful for receiving awesome news while enduring a long and boring work shift on Friday. Good news and a smile on my face makes everything go a lot faster.
-I'm thankful for nail polish. I finally painted my fingernails this weekend, and I love the feeling of having painted nails. Welcome back, nail polish obsession.
-I'm thankful that there's a Crumbs cupcake in my near future.
-I'm thankful to have my motivation back. Today marks the end of my fourth week of consistent workouts!
-I'm thankful for lazy nights at home, watching a movie with my mom and brother
-I'm thankful the Oscars are on tonight! I can't wait to see all the fancy dresses!

I think these posts might just have to become part of my weekly routine here at Best Foot Forward. What are you thankful for this week?

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much darling! You are so sweet and I loved reading your Weekly Gratitude!