Tuesday, February 15, 2011

An Unlikely Combination



What I'm wearing: Gap cardigan, J.Crew painter tee, Old Navy skinny jeans, Old Navy short cowboy boots, Pearl necklace (made by me!), Forever 21 belt

I went through a phase in high school where the only jewelry I would wear was pearls. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, you name it. I thought that wearing pearls made me "classy". Now I hardly ever wear them because they seem much too obvious and stuffy. But today I was looking for the right finishing touch for this outfit, and I reached into my jewelry box and pulled out this strand of light pink pearls that I strung together a few years back. I liked that they weren't an obvious choice; I normally wouldn't pair cowboy boots with pearls, but I really like how it turned out. I'm not sure how I feel about blogging in the morning like this, but with a crazy busy week of midterms ahead, I'm not sure if I have a choice. Only four weeks until Spring break, which means the launch of my Etsy shop! I can't wait!


Katelyn said...

Cute! I like how the pearls look with the boots!

We're in the same boat...Spring Break cannot come soon enough! Seeing your shop will certainly be a bonus!


Viktoria with a K said...

Lovely look!!

It's funny though-- the only jewelry (aside from my wedding bands) I wear is pearls! I'm not really crazy about having different jewelry for every outfit. Almost every outfit I wear looks perfect with my pearls.