Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cashmere Makes Everything Better



What I'm wearing: J.Crew sweater, Gap tee, Old Navy skinny jeans, Ciao Bella boots via DSW, Scarf via NYC street vendor, Forever 21 jewelry

I went to bed in an awful, awful mood last night. I realized I've been sending out cover letters for possible internships with a typo in the date line. This may not seem like a huge deal to some, but honestly, who wants to hire the girl who still thinks it's 2010?! So I went to bed cranky and upset, and woke up feeling the same way. And that just was NOT okay; I knew I had to turn my mood around. So I made myself some yummy french toast for breakfast, put on a bright and cozy cashmere sweater, treated myself to both of the items from yesterday's post that I had been considering buying, and took some outdoor outfit photos (taking a page out of Kendi's book with the parking garage backdrop). Are these the most effective/healthiest ways to make things better? Ehhh, probably not. But there's a little bit more pep in my step, and I'm ready to get down to business and apply for more internships. So who's offering to be my proofreader? Clearly, I need one!


Beth said...

I love that color on you. It makes your eyes "pop". So pretty. I'm proud of you babe. Keep up the good work. You know I love reading your blog. It almost makes it feel like you are home with us. Miss you and love you loads.
P.S. I love that scarf. For being in such a "crappy" mood you look very "uncrappy"!! Gorgeous!!

aliciafashionista said...

That colour looks absolutely amazing on you, especially paired with that scarf (and from an NYC street vendor...score!) Don't worry about the 2010 mix up, just make the change and keep trying! Hope you're feeling better now xoxo

Linda said...

Oh dear. I'm sorry about your typo. I would have had the same reaction. I'm sure the rest of your work will make that insignificant!

Good luck!

The Auspicious Life

Lauren said...

Love the outfit! And hey if you need someone in the art biz to look over your resume I'd be happy to, anything for a fellow Ohioan, I'm originally from Dayton. :)

Sparrow & Urchin