Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Modcloth, Will You Be My Valentine?

pink collage 2

red collage
Modcloth's If, And, or Bud dress, Modcloth's Sweet Sprite Skirt, Ruche's Meeting Before Dusk lace dress, Modcloth's Red Garnet Glamour dress, Modcloth's Bake Off Champion top

My roommates and I have decided to throw a little Valentine-themed party this weekend, which means I have been scouring the internet for the last week trying to decided what I'm going to wear. Here are some of the Valentine-esque items I've stumbled upon. To say I have a bit of a Modcloth obsession would be an understatement. Although I don't actually own anything from there, I stalk their website pretty frequently. I also love Ruche, and I find that they can sometimes be a little more affordable. I love Modcloth's If, And, or Bud dress, but it's a little out of my current price range, as is the Bake Off Champion top. Have you found any affordable Valentine fashions around the web? Do share, otherwise Modcloth might be running off with all my money!


Anonymous said...

Just found a Martin & Osa closeout at TJ Maxx. 100% silk, $9.99, different red and maroon with a rufle down the front... I'm sad that store is all gone!

Pearl Girls said...

Hey, I just found your blog and it's really cute. As far as affordable clothing I'm with you on Modcloth. I love the store but it can get so pricey. I would check out It says it is a juniors store and the models make everything look ridiculously short, but its actually pretty well priced (and not super short) and they have awesome shoe deals.


aaez said...

hi! i'm the same way about modcloth,i've never actually bought anything from them but i spend hours browsing their website! (that bake-off champion top i adore! it is a bit pricey though)


Anne said...

If I weren't on a shopping ban, I would be tempted to buy all the pink items and the red shirt. Just saying.