Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 16- Spontaneity

I can't believe its already the end of August. This summer has been such a blur with vacation, New York City, and finally being home in Cincinnati. Although I'm sad to see the summer months coming to an end, I definitely have some things I'm looking forward to in September. Moving into a new apartment, going back to school, a new Maroon 5 CD being released, fashion week coverage (although I'm still sad I won't be in NYC seeing any of it for myself), designer collaborations for Target...the list goes on and on.

day 16

August 31, 2010 008
Occasion: Breakfast date with the boyfriend
What I'm wearing: Forever 21 tank, Gap Always Skinny jeans, Merona sandals via Target, J.Crew canvas tote, Shebead earrings

This morning, the boyfriend and I decided to go on a little breakfast date to Panera. It was a last minute/spontaneous date, so I needed an outfit I could throw on quickly without much thought. When faced with a grab-and-go outfit decision, I usually reach for jeans. They are just so easy and don't require much thought. Don't be surprised if you see a lot more jeans on Best Foot Forward when Fall gets here, and I'm back in school full-time. Then again, my fellow classmates think sweatpants are acceptable for class, so I guess I'm ahead of the game.

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Kindest Cut of All

I've decided to make a pledge, and I'm counting on all of you to hold me accountable. I've decided to grow my hair out and donate it to the organization Beautiful Lengths. I have donated my hair once before during my senior year of high school. It was a really rewarding experience because all of the hair donated to Beautiful Lengths is used to make wigs specifically for cancer patients. I started growing my hair out my junior year just for the fun of it, and by my senior year it had gotten to the longest its ever been. It was then that I decided I should keep growing it and donate it for a good cause. In December 2007, I cut two eight inch ponytails and donated them. I have really been missing my long hair lately, and there is no better incentive for growing it out. I have said this before and then gotten sick of my hair and hacked it all off again. This time, though, I mean business. Does anyone want to take the pledge with me? Strength in numbers :)

senior pic long hair
September 2007
(Yes this is a cheesy senior picture; feel free to laugh at me)

long hair
November 2007
(A few weeks before I made the big cut)

Hair cut
December 2007
(At the hair salon with my newly chopped hair and ponytails for donating)

For more information, check out the Beautiful Lengths website!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 15- DIY Heaven

Today my mom and I discovered my new favorite place on earth: a HUGE Michaels craft store 20 minutes away from our house. We have a few in our area, but this one was way better than the others. We stumbled upon it while trying to get these impossible-to-find colored pencils for my brother's art class; this massive Michaels seemed to be the only store that still had them in stock. I'm currently about to start a scrapbook of my New York City experience, so I got a couple of things for that, but I literally could have spent days (and millions of dollars) in this store. I definitely will be heading back soon to get some supplies for some DIY projects. Did anyone see the whole DIY section in the September issue of Instyle? Amazzzzing!

day 15

august 29, 2010 012

august 29, 2010 013
What I'm wearing: Gap tee, American Apparel skirt, Merona sandals via Target, H&M scarf, Bangles from Old Navy, NYC street vendor, and Shebead

Half way there! Overall, I would say this week was better than the last two. I feel like every week I'm slowly improving and getting the hang of this challenge.

week 3 collage

I honestly don't know which look I like best from week 3. Do you have a favorite?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 14- Collegiate Roadtrip

Yesterday I took a little trip up to my university with my boyfriend to pick up our football tickets for the upcoming season and hang out for the day. It was really nice to be back, and it was a beautiful day. I forgot how gorgeous our campus is in the late summer/early fall. I'm excited to do some outfit photos around campus this year, as long as I can find a willing photographer or get really good at the self-timer/tripod set up.

day 14

August 26, 2010 013
What I'm wearing: Target dress, H&M blazer, Merona sandals via Target, Earrings from NYC street vendor

I have to give Natalie from Pocket of Presh some credit for my jacket choice. I saw her wearing this same blazer over on her blog, and it totally reminded me that I had included this in my 30 items and had yet to wear it. This blazer is probably my favorite H&M purchase I have ever made. I was glad the weather was a little cooler yesterday so I could wear it and not be sweating my butt off. Between the weather and the good company, it was a really great day and made me excited to move back there in less than a month!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 13- Temptation

I think I deserve a little pat on the back because today I went to Target, the mall, and Old Navy and didn't buy a thing! My original strategy for the 30 day shopping ban was just avoiding all clothing stores and websites, but today it was unavoidable. You see, my boyfriend likes shopping almost as much as I do (and was actually half the reason we first became friends), so today we did some errands together and ended up at the mall. Trust me, it was tempting to shop, but I stayed strong. Although I do have a 30% off coupon for Gap and Banana Republic this weekend, and its going to take a lot of self-control not to use it.

day 13

August 25, 2010 008

Align Center
August 25, 2010 009
Occasion: Lunch date and errands with the boy
What I'm wearing: J.Crew outlet tank, Heritage 1981 Forever 21 cardigan, Gap Always Skinny jeans, Banana Republic outlet sandals, Forever 21 necklace, Coach purse (2007)

I have a not-so-secret love for Forever 21 jewelry. Its inexpensive, cute, and can take outfits to a whole different level. I think the necklace is what makes this outfit more than just a plain tank and jeans. Okay short post tonight; I'm heading to bed soon because I'm getting up early tomorrow for a little mini-road trip with the boy. Have a good night!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 12- Thinking Outside the Box

After seeing all of the other 30 for 30 challengers do amazingly creative things like turning skirts and dresses inside out or making skirts out of dresses, I decided I needed to try it for myself. And for a first attempt, I think it turned out pretty well. This dress was previously seen here, but I decided to turn it into a skirt for the day.

What I'm wearing: J.Crew outlet top, Forever 21 dress (worn as skirt), Thrifted belt, Merona wedges via Target, Vintage bracelet via Talk of the Town, Earrings from NYC street vendor

Today is the first time I will be seeing my boyfriend since his visit to New York in July. I wanted to look extra pretty, even if we end up just hanging around at one of our houses. This outfit turned out better than I thought it would, so I'm glad I tried it. I think thats what this challenge is really about: stretching your closet beyond what originally meets the eye. Thanks to all the great bloggers out there who have inspired me to think outside of the box!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 11- Second Chances

To be honest, the last time I wore my newly-cut jean shorts, I wasn't too crazy about them. I don't know if it was the shorts themselves or just the overall outfit, but I really didn't like them and was sort of regretting including them in my 30 items. So today, I decided to give them a chance to redeem themselves. And paired with wedges and a more fitted tee, I liked them much better this time around.

What I'm wearing: Gap sunkissed tee, Express jeans (cut by me), J.Crew outlet cardigan, Merona wedges via Target, Vintage pocketwatch necklace, H&M leopard-print flower pin

In my head, this outfit was completed by a cute little headscarf to jazz things up a bit. Unfortunately, none of the ones I own were short enough for what I had in mind. That will definitely be something to add to my thrifting list. This whole no shopping thing is starting to make me a little antsy. But fortunately, I have a fun week ahead of me: the boyfriend finally comes back to town tomorrow, and on Thursday and Friday we are taking a little mini adventure up to school to visit friends and pick up our football tickets. What are your plans for the week?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 10- Practically Christmas Morning

Today ranks right up there with the day after Thanksgiving shopping and Christmas morning: the day the September issues arrive! Today I bought Vogue and Instyle, and they are massive! There is nothing better than a thick September issue just waiting to be devoured. I will be spending my Sunday evening curled up on the couch reading every page and finding all kinds of shopping inspiration for when this 30-day shopping ban is finished.

Occasion: Church and hanging out with my family
What I'm wearing: Forever 21 ruffle top, The Limited skirt, Banana Republic Outlet sandals, Forever 21 pearl necklace, Earrings borrowed from Mom

I finally got this skirt back from the drycleaners and was excited to wear it today. I added my gray cardigan to the outfit once I got to the church to add a little more modesty and combat the airconditioning. Today is day 10 of the challenge, so I am officially 1/3 of the way there! After browsing through my inspiration folder, I'm hoping I can get a little more creative this coming week. Here is the week 2 recap:

Thanks for all the support and kind comments so far! I love hearing from my readers :) Enjoy the rest of your Sunday...I hope its as relaxing as mine!

*note- yes, I just realized that my day 10 look is cut off in the week 2 collage, but frankly, I'm getting a little frustrated with the technical part of the blog so I'm just going to let it go for now. Sorry if it looks a little silly!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 9- The Weird Girl

Today I officially became the weird girl in the neighborhood who takes pictures of herself. I live right by a highway overpass and decided to take my pictures there today. I got lots of strange looks by passing cars, and even a couple honks. I now have an all-new appreciation for what other bloggers do everyday. Its kinda awkward taking pictures in public, but I like how these turned out.

What I'm wearing: Blue button-down (free from internship), H&M black skinny pants, J.Crew flats, Forever 21 belt, Vintage earrings, OPI You Don't Know Jacques nail polish

I picked up this new nail polish in NYC and finally got around to using it yesterday. I love it! I like nail polishes in dark, uncoventional shades rather than a typical cherry red or pretty pink. This one will definitely be a favorite in the fall/winter rotation. Speaking of fall, I'm starting to really look forward to heading back to school. A fresh start, football games, reuniting with friends...I can't wait!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 8- Lazy Bones

After working 40 hour weeks for 2 months in NYC, I was more than happy to come home and do nothing. As my boyfriend would put it, I've been a "lazy bones". But after almost two weeks of laziness, I'm starting to drive myself a little nuts. I'm thinking I need a little project to keep me busy. Do any of you have any good "Do-It-Yourself" ideas? You would be saving me from becoming a complete couch potato.

What I'm wearing: Gap tee, Gap Always Skinny jeans, Banana Republic outlet sandals, Forever 21 scarf, Earrings from NYC street vendor festival

The second to last weekend I had in New York, I went to Magnolia Bakery. On my walk there, I stumbled across a little street festival going on. It had tons of booths of people selling jewelry, clothes, and food. I walked away with some $5 earrings and bangles, and I think this pair is my favorite. They look like something I would buy at my favorite vintage store, but at a much lower price. As soon as I put on this scarf, I knew it was the perfect excuse to finally bust out these earrings. I have been feeling a little stumped by this 30 for 30 challenge lately. I'm hoping once I get out of my lazy rut, the creative juices will start flowing again. I sure hope so, because I'm not even 1/3 of the way done yet!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 7- Plain Jane

My original plans for today were canceled, so I decided to get some things on my to-do list crossed off. I turned in all my summer assignments online, repaired a necklace that's needed help for about a year now, and finally cut my jeans into shorts to replace the navy shorts in my 30 for 30 challenge.

What I'm wearing: Forever 21 top, Express jean shorts (cut by me), Merona sandals via Target, H&M sunglasses, Urban Outfitters earrings

I think a pair of jean shorts bought from a store would probably be more flattering, but these will have to do until next year. Plus they were really comfortable for hanging around the house and getting things done. Today's outfit was a little plain...but I guess soon enough I won't have a choice but to step up my game and start accessorizing like crazy to complete this challenge. 7 down, 23 to go!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 6- Reprogramming

To be completely honest, the reason I didn't have an outfit post yesterday was because I spent the whole day in workout clothes. The hardest part of the 30 for 30 challenge so far for me has been finding reasons to get dressed up. My typical hanging-around-the-house uniform of past summers was gym shorts and a t-shirt. I'm trying to reprogram myself to get up and put on cute clothes even if I'm just running errands, hanging out around the house, or driving my brother to football practice. I have definitely had to adjust to being home from New York, where I could dress up everyday for work.

What I'm wearing: J.Crew ruffle top, American Apparel navy skirt, J. Crew Outlet cardigan, H&M scarf, Vintage ring via Talk of the Town, Self-made pearl earrings, Merona sandals via Target

The air conditioners here in Ohio are cranked full blast due to the high temps, so this cardigan is almost always with me, just in case. I always forget to include it in pictures, but not today! This skirt is quickly becoming the MVP of my closet; don't be surprised if I wear it at least once a week during this challenge. Okay, well I'm off to curl up and watch season 7 of One Tree Hill. I actually met Kate Voegele, Mia from the show, last year when I was working as a sales associate at Victoria's Secret. It was really cool, and yes, I completely geeked out. What's your guilty pleasure tv show?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Currently Coveting

...these beautiful J.Crew beauties

I'm smitten with all of the new fall arrivals at J.Crew, but these are my favorite. As much as I love the way heels make me look and feel, I live in flats. These flats would be a great shoe for fall/back to school. They would be the perfect girly counterpart for my new utility jacket and would go quite nicely with all the army green pieces I bought in NYC (I'm going through a bit of a color phase right day I went shopping and only brought home green things). I have had really good luck in the past with the J.Crew sales rack, so fingers crossed these lovely flats end up there!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 5- Black and Blue

Todays' mantra: I will be productive, I will be productive, I will be productive! I have been back from New York for a week now, and I haven't accomplished nearly as much as I had planned. My room is still in a state of complete disarray, there is a stack of clothes that needs to be handwashed/drycleaned (and some of them are my 30 items, yikes!), and my life is basically in need of some major organization. So today I am determined to get motivated and get things done! Starting with this post on day 5 of my 30 for 30 challenge...

Occasion: More errands and cleaning
What I'm wearing: Gap dress (2008), J.Crew Outlet tank, Forever 21 belt, Banana Republic Outlet sandals, Bangles from Old Navy & New York and Co.

Yes, after seeing this closeup of my bangles, I realize how badly I need to paint my nails. I might as well add that to the to-do list too! I have worn this dress many times with the tank/belt combination, but never with these particular pieces. I had never thought to pair it with black, but I like how it turned out. I guess that really is the whole point of this challenge--its truly making me look at my closet in a whole new way.

Here are my first 5 days of the challenge; only 25 to go! I think I like day 2 or 3 best. Do you have a favorite?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 4- Tried and True

Quick post tonight... I don't have much time, but I don't want to get behind on my 30 for 30! Tonight I'm heading out with some friends to celebrate their last night in town before they head back to their universities to start the school year. I still have over a month left of summer, so it feels weird to already be saying good bye to them.

Occasion: Night out with friends
What I'm wearing: Love 21 top via Forever 21, Gap Always Skinny jeans, Merona sandals via Target, Forever 21 earrings

Today was definitely the hardest time I have had so far with this 30 for 30 challenge. Its really too hot for jeans here, but after trying on what seemed like a million combination of things, I decided to go with something that made me feel comfortable. Jeans are my go-to bottom for going out, so I decided to stick with what is tried and true. Sorry for the bad picture quality; I have learned my lesson on waiting until right before dark to take my outfit pictures!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 3- Friends and Florals

Today has been a nice, relaxing day. I spent most of the day being lazy and then worked out for the first time in two months. It felt great; I'm looking forward to getting back into a regular workout routine. Now I'm headed out to dinner with all of my high school excited to see everyone for the first time since being back from NYC! I decided to bust out a pretty floral dress for the occasion.

Occasion: Dinner with friends
What I'm wearing: Forever 21 dress, Merona wedges via Target, Vintage pocketwatch necklace, Earrings via NYC street vendor

So I'm 1/10 of the way there, woohoo! So far so good, but I imagine things might get tough soon while some of my items are at the drycleaner. I guess that's what happens when I get behind on laundry, whoops! I'm hoping to find some other locations around the house to take pictures, but since my photographer is currently recovering from surgery, we haven't gotten much farther than the front deck. She's a trooper for sure-Thanks Mom!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My 30 Items

After much inner debate, I have finally decided on my 30 items for the challenge. It was easier than I thought it would be, but we will see what I have to say about it come days 15-30 when it starts getting a little trickier. If I had to guess, I would say I'm probably going to wish I had included more shoes and possibly more long sleeves--the air conditioners are cranked full blast around here due to the 100+ degree weather. But whats done is done; here are my thirty items!

*These Gap shorts are currently standing in for a pair of jean shorts I intend to make out of old full-length jeans. If the jean shorts don't turn out right, I will be using these navy shorts.

So there you have it, the 30 items I will be living in for the next month. I hope I chose wisely!