Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 6- Reprogramming

To be completely honest, the reason I didn't have an outfit post yesterday was because I spent the whole day in workout clothes. The hardest part of the 30 for 30 challenge so far for me has been finding reasons to get dressed up. My typical hanging-around-the-house uniform of past summers was gym shorts and a t-shirt. I'm trying to reprogram myself to get up and put on cute clothes even if I'm just running errands, hanging out around the house, or driving my brother to football practice. I have definitely had to adjust to being home from New York, where I could dress up everyday for work.

What I'm wearing: J.Crew ruffle top, American Apparel navy skirt, J. Crew Outlet cardigan, H&M scarf, Vintage ring via Talk of the Town, Self-made pearl earrings, Merona sandals via Target

The air conditioners here in Ohio are cranked full blast due to the high temps, so this cardigan is almost always with me, just in case. I always forget to include it in pictures, but not today! This skirt is quickly becoming the MVP of my closet; don't be surprised if I wear it at least once a week during this challenge. Okay, well I'm off to curl up and watch season 7 of One Tree Hill. I actually met Kate Voegele, Mia from the show, last year when I was working as a sales associate at Victoria's Secret. It was really cool, and yes, I completely geeked out. What's your guilty pleasure tv show?


Elle Sees said...

one day i shall get enough courage to do one of these challenges!

PNM said...

I've been reading for awhile but had to finally comment on this post. This is probably my favorite outfit from your challenge so far. I really like how you accessorized w/ the scarf and the cardigan pair nicely with the outfit too. You are in for a real treat with OTH season 7. It is so good! Enjoy!