Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 1- Topsy Turban

After a rather complicated trip back from NYC, I am finally home safe and sound. And you know what that means? Time to start my 30 for 3o challenge! The rules are: pick 30 items of clothing, including shoes, and only wear those items for 30 days. Another big rule- NO SHOPPING for the 30 days. I'm interpreting this as meaning no clothes/accessory shopping. I'm currently getting ready to move into an apartment for the first time, so some home shopping will be necessary. I will be posting my thirty items tomorrow, but here is my first outfit in the challenge...

Occasion: Running errands and getting organized
What I'm wearing: Target tank dress, Thrifted silk scarf, Vintage clock necklace via Talk of the Town Vintage, Earrings via The Pink Box (Cincinnati), Merona sandals via Target

Today was spent running to Target, hitting up the public library, picking up my brother from football practice, and trying to get my room cleaned and organized. After not living at my parents' house since December, its been quite a task. Therefore, I needed something easy and comfortable to wear today. I had been wanting to try this turban/headscarf look ever since Jessica of WhatIWore posted a tutorial on how to make it. It turned out pretty cute, but next time I think I will try it with a scarf that isn't so silky because it kept slipping all day. I'm having a little anxiety trying to narrow down my other 28 items, but I will definitely have them posted by tomorrow. Any tips from all of the 30 for 30 pros out there? Congrats to everyone who has finished their challenge!

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