Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 5- Black and Blue

Todays' mantra: I will be productive, I will be productive, I will be productive! I have been back from New York for a week now, and I haven't accomplished nearly as much as I had planned. My room is still in a state of complete disarray, there is a stack of clothes that needs to be handwashed/drycleaned (and some of them are my 30 items, yikes!), and my life is basically in need of some major organization. So today I am determined to get motivated and get things done! Starting with this post on day 5 of my 30 for 30 challenge...

Occasion: More errands and cleaning
What I'm wearing: Gap dress (2008), J.Crew Outlet tank, Forever 21 belt, Banana Republic Outlet sandals, Bangles from Old Navy & New York and Co.

Yes, after seeing this closeup of my bangles, I realize how badly I need to paint my nails. I might as well add that to the to-do list too! I have worn this dress many times with the tank/belt combination, but never with these particular pieces. I had never thought to pair it with black, but I like how it turned out. I guess that really is the whole point of this challenge--its truly making me look at my closet in a whole new way.

Here are my first 5 days of the challenge; only 25 to go! I think I like day 2 or 3 best. Do you have a favorite?


Genie said...

the second is my fav :) the colors just look so good together!

Anonymous said...

Black and blue are so chic together. I really like your dress!


Melissa said...

Aw you're doing so great so far!

I love that colour blue on you. How are you enjoying the challenge so far? Good luck getting all your to-do list accomplished. I hate when I feel behind! I end up just avoiding all the tasks hahaha. Sometimes when i'm behind on cleaning and being lazy i'll invite someone over for dinner that night just so I feel pressured to clean quickly haha. For some reason when I have a time limit I can clean and get everything done super quickly!


J E S S U said...

I like day 2 the most!