Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 14- Collegiate Roadtrip

Yesterday I took a little trip up to my university with my boyfriend to pick up our football tickets for the upcoming season and hang out for the day. It was really nice to be back, and it was a beautiful day. I forgot how gorgeous our campus is in the late summer/early fall. I'm excited to do some outfit photos around campus this year, as long as I can find a willing photographer or get really good at the self-timer/tripod set up.

day 14

August 26, 2010 013
What I'm wearing: Target dress, H&M blazer, Merona sandals via Target, Earrings from NYC street vendor

I have to give Natalie from Pocket of Presh some credit for my jacket choice. I saw her wearing this same blazer over on her blog, and it totally reminded me that I had included this in my 30 items and had yet to wear it. This blazer is probably my favorite H&M purchase I have ever made. I was glad the weather was a little cooler yesterday so I could wear it and not be sweating my butt off. Between the weather and the good company, it was a really great day and made me excited to move back there in less than a month!


Natalie said...

The blazer looks so cute on you! Yeah, it has to be my favorite H&M purchase too! Thanks for the mention!

eek said...

Great jacket! Good luck with your 30 :)

NoGuiltFashion said...

That blazer is great! You are doing great with your challenge so far.