Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 8- Lazy Bones

After working 40 hour weeks for 2 months in NYC, I was more than happy to come home and do nothing. As my boyfriend would put it, I've been a "lazy bones". But after almost two weeks of laziness, I'm starting to drive myself a little nuts. I'm thinking I need a little project to keep me busy. Do any of you have any good "Do-It-Yourself" ideas? You would be saving me from becoming a complete couch potato.

What I'm wearing: Gap tee, Gap Always Skinny jeans, Banana Republic outlet sandals, Forever 21 scarf, Earrings from NYC street vendor festival

The second to last weekend I had in New York, I went to Magnolia Bakery. On my walk there, I stumbled across a little street festival going on. It had tons of booths of people selling jewelry, clothes, and food. I walked away with some $5 earrings and bangles, and I think this pair is my favorite. They look like something I would buy at my favorite vintage store, but at a much lower price. As soon as I put on this scarf, I knew it was the perfect excuse to finally bust out these earrings. I have been feeling a little stumped by this 30 for 30 challenge lately. I'm hoping once I get out of my lazy rut, the creative juices will start flowing again. I sure hope so, because I'm not even 1/3 of the way done yet!

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