Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I know some people say this every year, but I can sincerely say that 2011 has been the best year of my life so far. It was filled with amazing opportunities as well as many awesome times with friends and family. Here is a quick recap of some of the things that made it so great:

JANUARY: In mid-January, I found out that the back pain I had been having was being caused by a crack in the vertebrae of my spine. At the time, this seemed like horrible news, but a few months of physical therapy later, it ended up being a blessing in disguise. It forced me to take my health more seriously and get back to working out regularly. In January, I also attended my first semi-formal of college which was a lot of fun.

FEBRUARY: In February, my roommates and I threw a Valentine’s day party. I also found out I had an interview at a fashion magazine in NYC. It was surprising but very very exciting news!

MARCH: In March, I found out that I got the internship of my dreams! I also found the courage to end a not-so-good relationship. I think this month was a major turning point that really set the tone for the rest of this wonderful year.

APRIL: By April, I was already starting to get really excited about spending the summer in NYC. I also began to document all the things I was thankful for in the form of weekly gratitude posts. I also joined Pinterest in April, which has proven to be addictive ever since.

MAY: May was all about reuniting with friends, old and new. I also turned 21 and finished up my third year of college.

JUNE: In June, I moved to New York City for the summer. I was really nervous about working at a fashion magazine, but all of the other interns were nice and a lot of fun. They made the transition a lot easier. I also hung out with my friend Natalie a lot, since she was in NYC for the summer as well.
JULY: I spent Fourth of July in Jersey with girls from work. It was an ideal beach weekend and a nice break from the city. In July, I also got to play tour guide for friends from Ohio which was a lot of fun. I also was honored to sit in on a lunch with the editor-in-chief of the magazine which was very inspiring.
AUGUST: In August, my family came to visit me in NYC. By then I was pretty homesick, so it was great to spend some time with them around the city. While they were there, I finally made it to Carrie Bradshaw’s front step, something I had failed to do the summer before. I also started my third 30 for 30 (which turned into a 30 for 17…oops).
SEPTEMBER: In September, my internship ended. I came back to Ohio, moved into a new apartment, and began my senior year at Ohio state. I also took the plunge and became a brunette, which made me feel like a whole new person.

OCTOBER: In October, I got really excited about Halloween. I was Cruella Deville and the statue of liberty, and threw a party for all my friends. I spent this month catching up with friends I hadn’t seen all summer, which resulted in me being a pretty neglectful blogger. I also got an iPhone in October, which resulted in lot of instagramming.

NOVEMBER: Between my cousin’s wedding, Thanksgiving, and the birth of another cousin’s first baby,  November was all about family. I also devoured as many pumpkin flavored goodies as I could get my hands on this month.

DECEMBER: In December, I finished my last fall quarter of college (so sad) and came home to Cincinnati for the holidays. I celebrated Christmas with my family, and Santa brought me everything I wanted. I'm a lucky, lucky girl! 2011 was an amazing year.
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