Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Giving Thanks

Lately I've come to realize how much I have to be truly thankful for. When I pause and examine my life, I realize that frankly, it's pretty amazing.

Some of the big things I have to be thankful for:
-My family. They are never anything less than 100% supportive and loving.
-My friends. I went through a rough patch where I was MIA for about 2 years and was so thankful to discover this year that strong friendships can persevere. It's never too late to make amends.
-All of the amazing opportunities I've had this past year. I'm an extremely lucky girl!
-My health. Recent events have taught me that absolutely nothing should be taken for granted.
-The good news I've received lately. I found out this morning my cousin had a beautiful, healthy baby boy who I can't wait to meet tomorrow! And I found out yesterday one of my best friends from home will be in Columbus this whole winter for an internship. So much good news!

And while the big things are important, it's good to be thankful for the little things too:
-Warm cozy blankets. My apartment is coooooold.
-Girl talk over Panera breakfasts, recapping the events of the evening before.
-Christmas music and what it can do for the spirit
-Wine nights
-Instagram. So happy to finally have an iPhone!
-Good books.
-Pinterest, for it provides endless inspiration and ideas.
-All of the delicious food that is in my near future!

What are you thankful for this year?


Beth said...

Nicely said...I love you!!

Sunshine said...

I am thankful for my life and the people in it!