Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 17: A New Person

day 17



What I'm wearing: Old Navy vest, Urban Outfitters maxi dress, Target sandals, Forever 21 necklace, J.Crew canvas tote

I'm a brunette! It's definitely taking some getting used to because it's such a big difference from my old hair, but I think I'm really starting to like it. I was in the mood for a change, and since I vowed not to cut my hair until it's long enough to donate, dying my hair was the way to go. It turned out a little darker than I wanted, but it's growing on me. Between the hair and how much my style evolved this summer, I feel like I'm going back to school a completely different person. Speaking of school, I think I'm going to be closing up shop a little early on this 30 for 30. The reason I did this round of 30 for 30 was to help me narrow down what clothing to pack when I moved to my second apartment in NYC. During the time I was living there, I also wasn't taking regular outfit pictures, so technically I probably have already worn 30 outfits-worth, but there is no documentation of it. The items I chose just really aren't suitable for the student lifestyle, and since I'm heading back to school tomorrow, I think it's time to call it quits on this one and move on. But no worries, there are definitely more 30 for 30's in my future! Here's a recap of my third 30 for 30 (or should I say 30 for 17?):

What look is your favorite?
*You can see my first two 30 for 30 recaps here and here.


Karee said...

Omg Katie I'm obsessed with this post!! I love love love it! You look gorgeous AS ALWAYS and I can't get over your brown hair! I miss you soo much and I can't wait to see you when I get back! Anxiously awaiting your next post! :)

heidi said...

i think you look great with your hair down and that new color is so pretty! good luck transitioning back to school!

Rin said...

I love your hair! Its looks awesome! Are you planning to donate your hair? I've always wanted to be have never been able to grow it that long.

I think this last outfit is my favorite!

Jillians104 said...

I like your hair! For a second when I looked at this, I thought it was a picture of me!

Beth said...


Natalie said...

Love Day 15!