Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 14: Opposites Attract

day 14

What I'm wearing: Old Navy cardigan, Gap tee, Zara colored denim, Target sandals, NY & Co. outlet necklace

This outfit is about the exact opposite of the weather we've been having: cold, rainy, and gray. But the dreary weather hasn't stopped me from wearing my brights. I threw this outfit together last night for an impromptu dinner with my mom and brother, and I must say, it's getting harder to use my 30 for 30 items now that I'm home in Ohio. Most of my picks were meant for wearing to my internship and aren't as practical for everyday casual wear. I also wasn't sure if the folks of Ohio were going to be able to handle my red pants, but I didn't get a single weird stare at dinner. Ohio, I may have underestimated you.


Liz said...

get creative with your accessories! That's how I made it thought my 30 for 30 after making some weird choices! Love the red jeans!!! SO CUTE!!

Rin said...

I love your colored jeans, especially paired with this bright cardi.

dotty said...

the red and blue are fantastic together!

dash dot dotty