Sunday, September 11, 2011

From Poofy to Sleek



So the lovely folks from were kind enough to send me the Hana Professional 1.5 inch flatiron to test out and review. This is my first ever product review, so I was pretty darn excited about it! Those of you who are regular readers know that I frequently wear my hair up in ponytail or bun, which masks my hair's true identity: thick, poofy, and a little unruly. Even when I straighten my hair, it usually gets a little wavy before the end of the day. So I was thrilled when I tried out my new Hana and discovered that my hair stayed sleek and straight all day, even through an afternoon of shopping and trying on clothes. This flat iron IS a little pricier than the one I had previously, but I would say there is definitely a correlation here between price and quality. I'd definitely be willing to pay a little extra for better looking hair. If you're in the market for a new flat iron, Misikko has a wide range of them...check out a list of their top 10 here.


heidi said...

your hair looks gorgeous! i am definitely envious of all of the great reviews i've seen of this flat iron. i am definitely in need of a new one that works that well! thanks for sharing your review!

Anne said...

Looks nice! I was already thinking I needed a better flat iron, since my hair is in the unruly growing out stage, and I think a flat iron that would get hotter than my cheap one would help contain it... and now I think you have me convinced I do need it :)

LifestyleBohemia said...

Thank you for the review - so helpful!
I've been thinking about getting a flat iron (right now I only use the hair dryer/round brush combo), but will def consider this one!

Karee said...

wow!! you look amazing!! i love it! <3 <3

Rin said...

Wow, lovely! I have little patience for ironing my massive amounts of hair. But your hair looks so awesome! I don't think I've ever seen hair so shiny!