Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 12: Doing My Research

day 12

What I'm wearing: Anthropologie top (sale), Gap blazer, Zara colored jeans, Target sandals, Urban Outfitters earrings, Mondani bag via Steinmart

I've noticed that over the past year or two, I have really become a "researcher" when it comes to shopping. Take this top, for instance. I saw this top on and absolutely adored it. I pinned the yellow version and dreamed up lots of ways I would wear it if it was mine. When Anthro had a big sale over Memorial Day weekend (which also happened to be my birthday), I purposely went in searching for this shirt. And I found it, for $30 less than the original price. I have found that when I research an item and really think about the purchase ahead of time, it helps eliminate buyers remorse and helps me fill my closet with things I love, not just things I decide I need spur of the moment. Right now I'm in fall clothing research mode, mainly focusing on tall riding boots and some new jeans. What can I say, I'm definitely a type A personality...a planner to a T!


Gabs said...

Hey girl! Your blog is totally inspiring me to do more research! Before I go shopping I have a couple key items in mind and do plenty of online browsing before I shop. I got a great pair of short cowboy boots, cable knit tights, and suspenders this weekend because of my planning.

Also my mother is obsessed with your style and went out and got that old navy green vest.
see you soon!

Rin said...

I'm a Type A planner too, but I've never used it for shopping. I'm definitely an impulsive shopper, and you're right, it does lead to buyers remorse. I don't know if I want to break the habit though. I mean, I like the idea of what you describe--a closet full of things you love, no buyers remorse, etc. But I'm such a Type A in other aspects of my life that I'm not sure I want to bring it into shopping too, since shopping is a release for me.

Viktoria with a K said...

I'm a planner, too! It really helps since I'm on a small budget. I have to really, really want something before I'll buy it and typically, it'll be on sale if I wait long enough!


i love the blouse!!!kisses from prague and have a beautiful day!

Anne said...

Love the blouse! I'm a type-A person too, but my shopping used to be more impulsive, cheap buys (and then remorse for wasting $ and not having things I love) - I'm really working on researching and investing in certain pieces right now too. I still agonize over it though, because if I'm going to spend more, I feel like it should be THE perfect one! Ah well.

p.s. looooove the red pants with blazer. I feel like my navy blazer is a little boring with plain jeans, but this is awesome, especially with the colors tempered with the blouse blue.

Alex P! said...

This is probably my favorite outfit of yours to date! You need to promise me that even though we're not living together, we can still have fashion shows and I can still be your official photographer!! <3