Thursday, September 15, 2011




What I'm wearing: Victoria's Secret PINK tee, Forever 21 maxi skirt, Banana Republic outlet sandals, H&M necklace, Vintage cuff bracelet

I've been looking for a maxi skirt since early spring, and I finally found one...right when summer is about to end. Rather unfortunate timing, but I'm determined to get some good use out of it before it gets too chilly out. And did I mention it was only $13?! Yes, I give you permission to stop whatever you're doing right now and run to your nearest Forever 21 and snag one for yourself. Come on, you know you want to! I wore this outfit on Tuesday night for dinner with an old friend who I hadn't seen since before I left for New York. I was so happy I got to see her before I left again for Columbus. As you're reading this, I'm back in Columbus, sitting here in gym clothes looking very unglamorous, but sometimes that's necessary when you've had a whole day of moving boxes and organizing. I'm looking forward to sharing pictures with you of the new place all decorated up with my DIYs once my internet is installed (hopefully by Monday). Until then, have a good weekend!


Sunshine said...

You look awesome! Love the maxi skirt.

Anne said...

Dang, the mall's closed by now. $13 is the way for me to try the maxi trend... It looks great on you! Love how it can look so glamorous even with such simple pairings.

Style Journey said...

Love this maxi skirt and in such a rich color. Of course, love this necklace too. We have seen it everywhere in the blog world! We are from Columbus too, so we had to swing by and say hello to another Columbus blogger!

Heather & Kayla

Viktoria with a K said...

This looks beautiful! Love the new hair :)

Rin said...

I love your hair!

I'm super jealous of your maxi skirt. I found a perfect one last weekend, on sale for $15. I went back last night to get it and it went back up to $30. No go for me.

Can't wait to pictures of your place!