Sunday, July 24, 2011

An NYC Weekend

This weekend, I had friends come to visit. They were both first-timers in New York City, so they had a long list of things they wanted to do/see, and we had about a day and a half to make it happen. And you better believe it, we did it ALL.

Dinner in Little Italy on Friday night. Followed by gelato at Ferrara, of course.

Outside the Met, about to get in line for the Alexander McQueen exhibit. Which was AMAZING and totally worth the wait.

The view from the roof of the Met. I work building in the background!

Pinkberry was a necessary stop since we don't have them back in Ohio. My concoction? Pomegranate yogurt, with fruity pebbles and chocolate chips! Yum!

The three of us on the Brooklyn Bridge. We didn't walk the whole thing though...
it was WAY too hot for that!

In the early evening, we rode the Staten Island Ferry to get a different view of the city.

A panoramic shot my friend Anne took from the Ferry. Gorgeous!

Cheesecake at midnight at Juniors in Times Square. So good!

If you can't tell from the pictures, it was a very busy weekend! We also went to Grand Central Terminal, visited Central Park, checked out the Financial District, ate New York style pizza, ate in Chinatown, and got cupcakes at Crumbs. I think I officially have to go on a strict diet the rest of summer after all the amazing food we had, but it was definitely worth it. Anne and Christine, I hope you had an amazing first time in New York City!

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Jillians104 said...

I miss you. Can we please get frozen yogurt and catch up AS SOON AS SCHOOL STARTS?!?