Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bright and Cheerful


What I'm wearing: Old Navy top, Forever 21 lace bandeau, Urban Outfitters shorts, Nine West outlet wedges, J.Crew bracelet, Kate Spade outlet tote

It's yellow day over at Everybody, Everywear, but unfortunately I am not participating because this morning I realized that I have absolutely no yellow clothing here in New York with me. Considering how pale I am, it's normally a color I avoid, although I have worn it a time or two. But despite the fact that I'm not sporting yellow today, I've got plenty of other reasons to be bright and cheerful:
1. I got to use my brand-spanking-new camera for the first time today. Yes you read that right...I got a new camera! My dad surprised me and bought me a new Canon Powershot. Did I mention it's magenta? Did I mention that my dad is awesome?!
2. I got off work wayyy early today
3. Which then allowed me to go to the gym! Last summer I didn't work out a SINGLE time while I was here, so this summer I was determined not to fall into that pattern again. It's definitely a challenge to stay motivated to fit in workouts and hit the gym, but I know it's worth it. And I feel so much better when I go!
4. Tomorrow's my day off and I'm going shopppppping :)
5. I'm about to go shower and curl up in bed to watch Harry Potter 7, part 1. Just gearing up for part 2, which premieres Thursday at midnight! I'm so excited! You better believe I'll be there...massive amounts of caffeine are going to be needed to get through the Friday workday, but it'll be totally worth it!


Lydia Marie said...

That's awesome about the new camera! Even better that it's magenta.

Shopping and Spreadsheets

jennifer ann said...

aww kate you are so adorable! love you so much & expect to hear from me soon regarding visits :):) i take the pcat next wednesday so my life finally opens up again!

Anne said...

Cute outfit... and just reading your list made me feel cheerful :)