Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Too Good To Be True


What I'm wearing: PINK white t-shirt, J.Crew outlet skirt, Banana Republic outlet sandals, Macy's necklace, Kate Spade outlet tote

One of the best parts of my internship is the girls I get to work with. I was so worried the other interns would be bitchy or intimidating, but they've been just the opposite. They're stylish, yet down-to-earth. The only bad part is they definitely encourage my shopping habit (and many of them have one a lot worse than mine). Today one of the girls came in wearing a fabulous Equipment blouse, and she let me in on a little secret...she got it for $50 at TJ Maxx! This resulted in me running around the city like a crazy woman after I got off work, trying to snag one for myself (which explains why I'm shiny and a little gross looking in the above pictures). I mean come on guys, that's like a 75% discount! But unfortunately, it was too good to be true and I had no luck finding one in the right size. But I encourage the rest of you to head over to your nearest TJ Maxx and get one for yourself! It's just too good to pass up! And if you see one in my size, grab that too! Kidding...sort of.

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