Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Very Merry J.Crew Christmas


What I'm wearing: J.Crew button-shoulder sweater, J.Crew outlet circle scarf, J.Crew outlet jeans, J.Crew flats, Pink Box earrings, Forever 21 skinny belt

Those of you who have been reading Best Foot Forward for awhile have probably figured out I'm a bit of a J.Crew fanatic. So imagine my glee when I discovered on Christmas morning that majority of my presents were from there! Some I had helped pick out, but others were surprises, like my gorgeous bracelet! I had told my mom I liked it way back in November, but I hadn't expected that she would actually buy it. Because of my abundance of J.Crew presents, I ended up in head-to-toe J.Crew in the outfit above, which I wore for Christmas day with my mom's side of the family and my boyfriend's family. The sweater and scarf are both new, and I have a feeling I'm going to be wearing this scarf all the time. I love it! What was your favorite gift this year?


December 27, 2010 018
[some of my J.Crew spoils!]


Colleen said...

I have only owned 1 thing from J. Crew and it was a skirt that I got at the Salvation Army for 49 cents. After that, everything seems too expensive. It sure was an awesome skirt though.

I'm always afraid their stuff won't wash well. Most that I see and like is dry clean only. I won't have that. Do you wash their stuff? Do you dry it in the dryer or on a drying rack? Do you own any dry clean only stuff? Sorry for all my questions, but I've been wanting to buy J. Crew for about 3 years and haven't taken the plunge. Plus their stuff is a little expensive if it didn't wash well.

Best Foot Forward said...

Colleen- J.Crew usually has really good sales, so most of my stuff I bought on sale or from the outlet. Otherwise, I agree, it can be a little pricey. I do have some dry clean only sweaters from there, so usually I will wear them for a little while and then get them dry cleaned. I'm not someone who usually washes things after only one wear, anyway. As for the non-dry clean stuff, I use a drying rack. I use a drying rack for jeans and any other nicer items that I am afraid of shrinking. But I definitely think J.Crew is worth the money. I've been shopping there for a few years and have never gotten rid of anything from there. It's good quality that lasts and doesn't go out of style.

Ashley said...

J Crew is the best! They have the most lovely classic clothes that usually stick around in my closet for years! Classic never goes out of style! :)

Yay for a happy happy Christmas!