Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 21- A Brave Soul

day 21
What I'm wearing: Forever 21 sweatshirt, Scarf via NYC street vendor, Old Navy jeans, Ciao Bella boots via DSW, Forever 21 pearl earrings, Kate Spade tote

Today, my mom and I did the unthinkable. We braved the outlet malls the Saturday before Christmas. It is so unlike me to be this behind on my Christmas shopping, and even after today's adventure, I'm still not finished with everyone on my list! Please tell me I'm not the only one who has procrastinated this year.

December 18, 2010 010
This was the line outside the Coach store at the outlets. I'm more of a Kate Spade fan myself, but we promised my aunt we would pick something up for her, so we got to enjoy this lovely line and the even longer one at the register inside. But it was all in good fun; it's Christmas time!


Mary said...

Don't worry!You are not the only one who has procrastinated this year!! Today I also braved the outlet malls;)
I love your scarf and your boots!
I just found your blog,it's very cute!I added to your followers:)
xx Mary

Colleen said...

I am not done either.

My aunt would not be getting a purse. there is no way I would wait in a line like that.

also my mom told me how she doesn't have any plans this week. I told her what about Christmas Eve and Christmas. She was shocked it was so soon. She has people over both days. Has to get to cleaning and stuff.

Kenziefaith said...

That line is outrageous! Ah. (I procrastinated too!) Anyway, your scarf is adorable! Love your outfit : )

KF x

Rin said...

The scarf is gorgeous.