Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 24- Interview Experience

day 24


What I'm wearing: Forever 21 button-down, H&M skinny pants, Ciao Bella boots via DSW, Vintage earrings, Vintage clock necklace, Forever 21 belt, Forever 21 bangles

My next few posts are going to be of outfits that I wore earlier in the challenge but didn't take pictures of at the time. I did a bit of a photo shoot this morning with four different past outfits; my neighbors probably think I'm nuts, parading around on the front deck posing in different outfits. I wore this outfit in early December for an interview for an ambassador position for a clothing brand. They told me to dress in a way that represented my personal style, and I thought this look did a good job of both conveying my style while also keeping with the aesthetic of the brand. Unfortunately, I found out a week ago I did not get the position, but hey, I'll take all the interview experience I can get right now. Internship application season is coming up, so hopefully I will have a chance to do some more interviews in the near future, preferably with a better outcome!


kelsey said...

very cute! i had a job interview during the 30 for 30, too!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Super cute, good call!

Rin said...

I really like this outfit. It nice that you could wear something like this to an interview. I'm going into a conservative field so I have to be all buttoned up and formal.