Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 14- Putting On The Glitz

Last night, I attended a fundraiser for the fashion student organization at my school. It was a great evening filled with friends, fabulous clothes, and fashiontinis (our very own fashion martini!). The theme was "Putting on the Glitz", so a sparkly dress was a must. I swapped this little number into my 30 items in exchange for my navy American Apparel skirt which I have yet to wear during the challenge.

day 14

cropped 2
What I'm wearing: Love 21 dress, Target tights, Target booties, Forever 21 necklace, Vintage earrings

December 2, 2010 025
The formal wear segment of the show

This is the first sequined dress I've ever owned, and I had a lot of fun wearing it. The only drawback? The sequins were rather scratchy and gave me a rash all over my arms. Thankfully, I have some different ideas of how to wear it later in the challenge, so stay tuned! I'm almost halfway through the challenge; this is where things start to get a little interesting. Next week is finals week, so bear with me through some comfy, casual outfits. How is everyone else feeling about the challenge so far?


Anonymous said...

I'm wearing a sequined dress tomorrow and wasn't sure how to style it! Now I think I'll wear my tights and booties. :) Thanks!

NoGuiltFashion said...

I love the dress. I often shy away from sequins just for the scratch factor, so I can't wait to see how else you style this piece.
No Guilt Fashion

Fashion Flirt said...

That dress is phenomenal! You look fantastic!

Anne said...

You look great! The necklace is the perfect accessory for the dress too.

Kristen said...

Love the sequins! What a perfect event to rock a sparkly dress for.

Meredith said...

fun! an actual event you got to dress up for! that makes fashion so much better:)

Alicia said...

aww you look so festive!! sequins can definitely be scratchy - only drawback ;(

kelley @ the eclectic owl said...

I love this outfit! I am a huge fan of sequins - even though I don't own any! In response to your comment on my blog, I use to edit my photos and since I have a Mac computer I use its version of illustrator. Hope this helps! :)

Rin said...

Loving the dress. Very 20s, flapper vice. I love sequins but I have yet to buy a sequin top because they are very uncomfortable.