Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 12- Wishing It Was Saturday

Is anyone else ready for this week to be over? It's only Tuesday, but I wish it was Saturday. This week is my last week of the quarter before finals, and my schedule is crazy crammed with stuff. I'm dreaming of two weeks from now, when I will be back in Cincinnati enjoying Christmas music, hot chocolate, and lots of free time for crafty DIYs.

day 12
What I'm wearing: Uniqlo wrap sweater, Old Navy jeans, J.Crew flats, Chicos flower pin (gifted), Forever 21 pearl earrings

It's been raining all day, I'm tired, and my outfit is pretty simple, so I'm a little short on words today. Let's just hope the weather clears up soon and the rest of this week flies by!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Hint, Hint: Earmuffs for Christmas

Once upon a time, I had the most perfect pair of earmuffs. They were a black and white plaid from J.Crew, and they were incredibly adorable and warm. Then one fateful day, I left them sitting on a bench outside a classroom, never to be seen again. I have been mourning the loss of those babies for two years now. It's very difficult to find earmuffs that are functional but also fashionable. But its my lucky day, because I've finally found not one, but TWO pairs I like!

Kohl's Knit Earmuffs

Aren't they cute? And they're even on sale today because of Cyber Monday. I would just buy them, but I've spent entirely too much lately for someone who is supposed to be on a shopping ban. So I'm hoping one of my lovely family members or boyfriend will catch this not-so-subtle hint and buy them for me for Christmas. I may have already sent my boyfriend the link to the website :)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 11- Black Friday Fanatic

I am EXHAUSTED. That's what Black Friday will do to you. I've been up since 2:30 AM, but it was so worth it! It has become a tradition that every Black Friday my mom and I go shopping before the sun comes up, even if there aren't any "big" items that we are looking for. We hit Target first (3 AM!) and then Old Navy and the mall. And of course, we stopped for breakfast and coffee in between.

day 11

black friday
What I'm wearing: Forever 21 hoodie, Old Navy button-down, J.Crew outlet jeans, J.Crew flats, Lauren by Ralph Lauren diamond studs

I stuck with my 30 items today, but added more layers earlier in the day when we were waiting outside Target for an hour. I walked away with some good deals and got a decent start on my Christmas shopping. I also got a great deal on some new running shoes and a winter coat. Yay for bargains! Did you brave the crowds this morning?

Day 10-Thanksgiving

day 10

November 25, 2010 014
What I'm wearing: Forever 21 slouchy zipper tee, J.Crew skirt, Target tights, J.Crew flats, Forever 21 infinity scarf, Urban Outfitters earrings, Forever 21 ring

I stumbled upon this outfit the other day when I was getting ready for class and didn't have any jeans clean. I tried on this combination from my 30 items and decided it was too cute to waste on class, so I saved it for Thanksgiving! It was a great day filled with family, friends, and lots and lots of food. My favorites? Pumpkin pie and my boyfriend's family's broccoli cheese casserole. SO GOOD! What was your favorite this year?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 9- Giving Thanks

Home at last! I'm happy to be back in Cincinnati, safe and sound, with so much to be thankful for. Tomorrow I will be attending two Thanksgivings, so there are a lot of mashed potatoes, stuffing, and slices of pie in my future. And who wouldn't be thankful for that?!

day 9

November 24, 2010 009


November 24, 2010 007
What I'm wearing: Old Navy jacket, Gap long sleeved tee, J.Crew outlet jeans, Kelly and Katie flats via DSW, Urban Outfitters earrings, Vintage clock necklace, Vintage bracelet

This was what I wore for the ride home to Cincinnati from school (which ended up taking double the normal time due to traffic...yikes!). I came home from work, threw this on, and ran out the door. A cozy tee+worn in jeans+my favorite vintage necklace= perfection. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 8- A Pop of Leopard Print

day 8


What I'm wearing: Old Navy tee, H&M sweater dress, Ciao Bella boots via DSW, Target scarf, Forever 21 belt, Target tights, Vintage earrings via Talk of the Town

I've officially run out of clean jeans in my 30 for 30, so today I decided to wear this H&M sweater dress. I paired it with my leopard print scarf from Target. I originally bought this scarf for my Halloween costume, but I knew I would get use out of it in everyday life. I really liked this look overall; it was nice to step out of my jeans rut for a day. On a separate note, I'm super excited to head back to Cincinnati tomorrow to spend time with family. Is any one else already plotting out their routes for Black Friday shopping? I had a dream last night I slept through Black Friday and missed all the shopping. I woke up super relieved it was just a dream haha. Clearly, I'm more excited for Friday than I am for Thanksgiving: a true sign of a shopaholic.

Monday, November 22, 2010

To Chop or Not To Chop

Back in August, I posted about my reasons for wanting to grow my hair out. I made you all promise to hold me accountable and remind me to keep going because it's for a good cause. Well let me tell you, lately I've really been wavering. I'm in that yucky in-between stage where I wear my hair in a bun everyday, and when I do take the time to straighten it and wear it down, I don't like how it looks. Plus, I have this picture of Keira Knightley tempting me to chop it all off:


So fabulous and chic! I had my hair cut similarly when I started college, and I'm really starting to miss it. Should I stay strong and keep toughing it out, or should I take the plunge and chop my locks?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 6 & 7- From Day to Night

On Friday, I decided to remix the same top two different ways, once for day and once for evening. First, I styled it up for group project meeting at the student union, and then later I wore it to a get-together with friends. Although it was all the same day, I'm counting it as days 6 and 7 since they were two separate looks.

day 6
What I'm wearing: Loft chunky knit, Forever 21 top, Forever 21 skinny belt, Gap Always Skinny jeans, Ciao Bella boots via DSW, Pink Box earrings

day 7
What I'm wearing: Forever 21 top, H&M skinny pants, J.Crew flats, Forever 21 crystals necklace

Of the two looks, I like the first one best; the belt worked nicely with the over-sized knit. I'm already getting so sick of taking indoor pictures (do you like how the edge of my fridge keeps making guest appearances at the bottom of every photo?). Boo cold weather and nightfall at 5 PM. It's making me feel like an amateur blogger. I promise I'll get my act together one of these days...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 5- The Classics

How is everyone holding up so far on the 30 for 30 challenge? I'm a little frustrated that I'm so far behind, but my weekly routine forces me to wear a work uniform 2-3 days a week. I'm doing what I can though, and I'm hoping to get a little more caught up this weekend. Yesterday was Day 5, and I was in the mood to wear something simple but classy. And what's more classic than stripes, a cardigan, riding boots, a Tiffany's bracelet, and stud earrings?

day 5

November 18, 2010 005
What I'm wearing: J.Crew beaded cardigan, Gap striped tee, Gap Always Skinny jeans, Ciao Bella boots via DSW, Tiffany's bracelet (gift), Vintage ring, Pink Box earrings

November 18, 2010 011
To top off the look, I added my Old Navy coat and
a Burberry scarf (ebay!)

The Burberry scarf added a nice little British touch, which was appropriate because last night I saw a midnight showing of Harry Potter 7, part 1! No matter how old I get, I will never outgrow Harry Potter. The movie was one of the best ones yet, and it was a super fun night...totally worth getting there 3 hours early to get good seats :) Any other HP fans out there?

November 18, 2010 019

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 4- Finding Perfection in the Not-So-Perfect

Last night while laying in bed about to fall asleep, I thought of the most perfect outfit for today. Until I tried it on, and it was not so perfect after all. But that's the beauty of this challenge: you gotta keep working with what you have until you come up with something you love.

November 16, 2010 011


November 16, 2010
What I'm wearing: Heritage 1981 button-down (Forever 21), Uniqlo wrap sweater, Forever 21 skinny belt, H&M skinnies, J.Crew flats, Forever 21 rings

The weather today made me wish I owned a pair of black Hunter boots. But alas, I do not, so I went the cute-flat-route despite the nasty rain that has been going on since noon. Also, multiple buildings on my campus had a bomb threat today, and class still wasn't canceled. Laaaaame.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Little Victories

Today has been filled with highs and lows, but I've decided to focus on the little victories to keep me going. Here is what has kept the pep in my step today:

November 15, 2010 030
Folgers French Vanilla+skim milk+2 packets of Splenda= perfection

November 15, 2010 005
Finding out I aced my 20th Century Fashion midterm. I guess it helps when you are genuinely interested in the material!

November 15, 2010 033
Being greeted after a long day at work by this waiting
for me with the mail

November 15, 2010 035
Admiring my gorgeous flower pin that arrived from my aunt and cousins. They are some of my most dedicated blog readers, and I love them for it! Plus, they know me so well...absolutely love this pin!

All in all, it looks like today was pretty darn good. I've fallen a little behind on the 30 for 30, but no worries, there will be an outfit post tomorrow!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Blessed With a Brother

November 11, 2010
November 1994

16 years ago today, I became a big sister! My family is super blessed to have my brother Brad. I love you buddy; happy 16th birthday!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 3- Midterm Madness

Goodness gracious, I can't remember the last time I was this stressed. Midterm season is upon us, and it is definitely getting to me. I spent my morning at the library working on a group project (which half the group didn't show up for... the reason I HATE group projects), and the rest of my day has been spent buried in my accounting textbook, getting ready for my exam tomorrow. SO ready for the weekend!

day 3

November 11, 2010 022

november 11
What I'm wearing: Forever 21 hoodie, Old Navy long sleeved tee, Gap Always Skinny jeans, Ciao Bella boots via DSW, Forever 21 flower pin

This outfit was perfect for a morning at the library: cute but comfortable. It was tempting to just throw on yoga pants and a sloppy sweatshirt, but I decided to put in a little more effort. Also, I really wanted to find a way to wear this flower pin that I picked up a few weeks ago at F21. It was the perfect addition to an otherwise "blah" sweatshirt. Okay, well back to the books I go. Have a good weekend everyone!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

These Are My Confessions

So guys, I have a confession to make. And please, please don't hate me, buuuuuut....I already cheated on the 30 for 30 challenge. I'm actually kinda mad about it; here is what happened: I'm in a fashion organization on campus and every quarter we put on a fashion show at a local bar. I was just informed Monday that our theme for this quarter's show is "Putting on the Glitz", and all of the girls working it are supposed to wear sparkly, glitzy dresses. This presents a few problems. Problem #1: I had already included an outfit for this night in my 30 items, which clearly isn't going to work now. Problem #2: Definitely did not include any sparkly dresses in my 30 items. Problem #3: I don't even OWN a sparkly dress, therefore I had to shop. So basically by the time I'm finished, I will have cheated TWICE, by shopping and wearing something outside my 30 items. Not cool. Phewwww, I feel better now that I've come clean. Do you at least want to see the dress that has turned me into a big ol' cheater? I kind of love it (I ordered it online...fingers crossed it fits!)


You like?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 2-Just What I Needed

day 2

November 9, 2010 027

November 9, 2010 022
What I'm wearing: Forever 21 top, Gap blazer, Thrifted belt via Valley Thrift, Gap Always Skinny jeans, Nine West boots, Earrings via NYC street vendor

I was excited to wear this top today. It was one of my last minute purchases right before the challenge started (come on, you know you did that too), and it just seems so perfectly Autumn to me. Its been unseasonably warm here the past few days, so I took advantage and wore just my blazer over top. It was really nice not having to bundle up for the walk to class; I'm dreading the day when I have to start wearing bulky coats over my outfits. The belt was a last minute addition as I was running out the door, but I think it was just what I needed to pull everything together. You know what else I needed? This 30 for 30 challenge. It has me excited to get dressed every morning and see what kind of combinations I can come up with. I'll probably feel differently come Day 15, but for now, I'm loving it.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 1: Balancing Act

Lately, I've been having the hardest time striking a balance between work and fun. This quarter has been a killer, and I can't seem to be able to get everything done while still having fun and enjoying myself. These pictures were taken yesterday at the mall (I didn't buy anything, promise!) while helping the boyfriend pick out some new jeans while avoiding homework. And then because I procrastinated all day yesterday, I'm buried under a pile of homework today. Oh, the life of a college student. So so so ready for break to be here! 33 days!

day 1

blog-November 7

November 7, 2010 007
What I'm wearing: Gap striped tee, Loft knit cardigan, Forever 21 scarf, J.Crew outlet jeans, J.Crew flats, Pink Box earrings, Forever 21 ring, Kate Spade outlet tote

November 7, 2010 001
Graeters Icecream- If you aren't from Ohio, you are seriously missing out! So delicious!

Day 1 of my 30 for 30 is complete! I know this outfit isn't the most exciting thing ever, but I wanted something comfy and warm for shopping, since part of the mall was outside. Do you like my nail polish? Its the shade Jade from Forever 21, and its holding up surprisingly well for costing $2.80. I had to include the close-up to prove to my mom that this polish is cute after all, since she gave me quite the incredulous look when I picked it up on Friday. See Mom? I knew what I was talking about.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

30 for 30, Round 2: My Picks

The time has come: it's time to start a new 30 for 30 challenge! On Monday, I will be beginning my second 30 for 30 challenge, hosted by the lovely Kendi of KendiEveryday. The rules: I have to pick 30 items from my closet (including shoes, but not accessories or coats) and wear only those items for 30 days. This doesn't include pajamas, workout clothes, my work uniform, etc. Another big rule: NO SHOPPING for the 30 days. I'm making an exception for Black Friday and Christmas shopping, but besides that- absolutely zero shopping allowed. I completed my first 30 for 30 challenge back in August/September, and I'm excited to be participating again. At first, I was very nervous about trying it with Fall/Winter clothes, but now that I have narrowed down my 30 items, I'm really excited to get started! Here is what I chose:


tops and blouses


button downs







Let the remixing begin!

*Note: My "Forgotten Five" challenge will resume in the new year. I did not, indeed, forget about it.