Sunday, October 31, 2010

What Do Pebbles and Cleopatra Have In Common?

They were my two Halloween costumes this weekend! Friday night I went to a party, and Saturday I went to a Halloween fashion show (look for those pictures tomorrow!). So of course, I needed two costumes. They were both were pretty easy to make, and I liked how they turned out. I'm a big fan of putting together the whole look myself and not just buying some pre-made costume from a store.

Halloween Friday October 29, 2010 006
Pebbles from the Flintstones

Halloween Friday October 29, 2010 019
Kat Von D from LA Ink, Cleopatra (she didn't have a costume so I lent her my extra), and Pebbles

Halloween Saturday October 30, 2010 009

Halloween Saturday October 30, 2010 012
I never get to wear winged eyeliner, lipstick,
or a wig,which made this SUPER fun!

Halloween Saturday October 30, 2010 057
Scarecrow, Peacock, Mother Nature, Cleopatra, and a Fairy

Halloween Saturday October 30, 2010 023
Mother Nature with her turtle

As I've mentioned previously
, I usually get much more excited about Christmas than Halloween, but this year was actually really fun. I love using this holiday as an excuse to dress a little crazy or wear makeup you normally wouldn't (check out my roommate Jillian's Mother Nature makeup...isn't it awesome?! She also has a bird in her hair!) Next year I definitely want to pick a costume that allows me to wear really wacky makeup. Until then, I'm ready to start putting away the Halloween decorations and busting out the Christmas tunes. Yes, I'm that girl. I will be listening to the Christmas Pandora station long before Thanksgiving rolls around. Ha ha what can I say...I get in the spirit a little early. Well I'm off to do some studying (writing this blog post may have been part of my procrastination...) Happy Halloween everyone!


Natalie said...

Love both costumes! I'm with you~ I'd much rather use my creativity and create my own costume than buy one.

Em-Jae said...

Cute costumes! I'm all about the DIY costumes.

I love your take on Pebbles.