Monday, October 4, 2010

Early Morning Awkwardness

The first things I reached for after hearing this morning's forecast? A cozy sweater and leather boots. This will pretty much be my go-to from now until March, so I hope you're prepared. Also scarves...I absolutely adore them and how they can pull together a cold-weather outfit. Today's chilly temps finally gave me a chance to wear my DIY cardigan I posted about here, which definitely perked me up despite having an 8 AM class all the way across campus.

October 2, 2010 003

October 2, 2010 004
What I'm wearing: Thrifted cardigan with DIY bows, Banana Republic outlet jeans (2007), Aldo tan boots, Vintage earrings

Yes, I realize that I look kind of awkward and stiff in these pictures, but it was cold, my camera was acting up (and eventually died), it was early, and I'm still not feeling very well. I'm hoping to be feeling better soon because I have a lot I need to get done before I go home to Cincinnati this weekend. But back to the outfit...these jeans don't see much daylight anymore, but it was laundry day and they were my best option that was clean. Plus, they looked nice with the light colored boots. I've always heard you should wear dark wash jeans with darker boots and visa versa so you don't break up the leg line. Can you tell I read too many fashion magazines?


Kayla said...

That sweater is beyond adorable.

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Jen said...

Those boots are amazing!! Have been looking for a pair like these for awhile now!

Zaia said...

i dont think you looki akward,i love those little bows on the cardi though, really cute!

Lucy, Dear Fish said...

I love that you said you're looking stiff because your camera died, the exact same thing happened to me this weekend! I was trying so hard to get outfit posts in before my camera died, I was prancing about like a crazy person! Your DIY cardigan is lovely!

Anonymous said...

You've got very very very pretty boots!

dennicapearl said...

i LOVE the bows! amazing DIY cardigan.

im a new follower :D
i hope my blog inspires you to follow back ;]

<3 dennica pearl
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the classic case said...

oh my gosh that cardigan is amazing! you're so crafty, and i totally want to steal that idea...

p.s. i love your blog!