Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Said Brrrrrr, Its Cold Out Here

Bring It On reference, anyone? I cannot get over how quickly the weather has shifted here. It went from pretty and sunny to very cold and windy. Brrrrrr. I think its about time to start bringing out the heavy coats and scarves. Although I hate being cold, I can't wait to bust out my chunky knit scarves. Also, I have my eye on some cute suede gloves from Target...gotta love Target! I cannot wait for the day after Thanksgiving. My mom and I go shopping at Target at like 5 AM when they open the doors. SO FUN! Is anyone else this crazy?!

October 28, 2010 013


October 28, 2010 023
What I'm wearing: Gap blazer, Forever 21 sweatshirt, Gap Always Skinny, Aldo boots, Forever 21 pearl and gold leaf necklace

If my face looks frozen in this second picture, it's because it was. I seriously underestimated how cold it was today. I was also eating some serious hair from how windy it was. I think I definitely need to invest in a trusty tripod because my camera keeps falling over from the strong gusts of wind. I bought this sweatshirt this weekend at F21, and I love it! So comfy and I can see it being really versatile with my wardrobe. I loved my outfit today; it made me feel put together and ready to face my busy day.


Jillians104 said...

I like how you styled that new shirt!

Selected Treasures said...

Love !I would totally wear this outfit