Thursday, October 7, 2010

Going Green

Guess what? It's almost the weekend! I cannot wait to head home to Cincinnati to celebrate my dad's birthday. Things I'm looking forward to: Cake!(duh), getting a haircut, doing a little shopping, digging through our old Halloween decorations to steal some for my apartment, and most of all just spending time with family. I know that as soon as I get back to campus on Sunday, the stress and madness will all start up again, so I'm going to enjoy the little break while I can.

October 6, 2010 031

What I'm wearing: Heritage 1981 shirt via Forever 21, J.Crew outlet cardigan, Banana Republic outlet jeans, Nine West boots, Vintage bracelet, Urban Outfitters earrings

I went through a phase while I was in NYC where everything I bought was green, and this shirt was a product of that obsession. This wasn't the original outfit I had planned for today, but sometimes my ideas don't always translate the way I want them to. I had to get to the accounting tutor center this morning (have I mentioned how much I HATE accounting?), so I frantically got dressed and did my hair/makeup in twenty minutes. That's quite the feat for me. And I even had enough time to do outfit pictures. What a productive day!

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Keira said...

You have awesome layering skills! :)