Friday, October 29, 2010

College Days: From Then to Now

I'm currently taking a 20th century fashion history course, and one of our recent projects involved analyzing old family pictures and comparing them to the trends of that time period. It was kind of a hassle finding old pictures, but once I did, I really enjoyed the project. It was really interesting looking at old pictures of my grandparents and realizing how much things have changed since they were my age. I wanted to share with you this picture of my grandma (my dad's mom) with what I assume are her college girlfriends.


My grandma is the one sitting down in the front right. It's funny to think she is probably around my age in this picture; I think they all look so much more mature than being in their early 20s. This picture makes me want to know more about these women and what their college experience was like. Unfortunately, I never really got to know my grandma because she was diagnosed with Alzheimers right around the time I was born. I'm fortunate to have access to these pictures because even though I never got to sit down and talk with her, these pictures allow me to get a little glimpse of what my grandma's life was like.


This is a picture of me and some of my college friends (and roommates). 70 years makes quite a difference, doesn't it?

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Kayla said...

I always think my grandparents never look young when I look back at pictures. I'm not sure if times were harder and they aged faster or if I just know them as older people and it's how I see them.

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