Monday, November 22, 2010

To Chop or Not To Chop

Back in August, I posted about my reasons for wanting to grow my hair out. I made you all promise to hold me accountable and remind me to keep going because it's for a good cause. Well let me tell you, lately I've really been wavering. I'm in that yucky in-between stage where I wear my hair in a bun everyday, and when I do take the time to straighten it and wear it down, I don't like how it looks. Plus, I have this picture of Keira Knightley tempting me to chop it all off:


So fabulous and chic! I had my hair cut similarly when I started college, and I'm really starting to miss it. Should I stay strong and keep toughing it out, or should I take the plunge and chop my locks?


Fashion Flirt said...

I can't STAND that stage of hair-growth. It stops being fun trying to find different updos for your inbetweeny hair, and just gets irritating. I chopped all my hair off 4 years ago, and thankfully my stylist is pretty good at styling my hair for growing, but it still got super irritating... Especially when you can just envision your hair long, and all the things you can do with it.

I really like Keira's do. It would look awesome on you, I think... The only question is, does your desire for long hair outweigh the irritation for the growing stage, or vice versa? I was definitely where you are now, but every time I considered chopping my hair off, I'd realize that I wanted it longer more than I wanted to annoyance to go away.

Good luck with your decision - and at least you know you'll look amazing REGARDLESS of what you decide to do!

Kaydee said...

Girl, I completely feel you about the hair situation! I always say I want to grow my hair out but when I see a cute bob haircut I just can't resist getting it all chopped off again! I'm actually going to (hopefully) stick with it this time and grow it out but I think your hair would look great either way :)

amanda said...

it's only been three months, and in less time than that it'll grow past the icky stage to something you love. keep going! keep growing!

(i say this keeping in mind that i got a very similar cut just last thursday - short hair requires more work than long, and although i love it, i'm going to grow it back out)

AmyW said...

Stay strong! I was in your boat last year, and had planned to keep growing it until this past summer. By January I had had enough, but it was long enough to donate, which I did about an hour and a half before I took my yearbook picture. When you finally cut it off it'll be that much more worth it. And by that time, there may even be a better haircut than Keira Knightley's bob - if that's possible!

Anne said...

I'm not sure I'll ever be able to grow my hair out again (used to be really long before my current bob) because of that icky stage. But you can do it!

And then totally get that haircut once you've reached the donation length ;) So adorable.

SJ said...

Oh, my hair is about the same length as yours, and I cannot stand this stage! I am trying my hardest to grow it out, so I got bangs to hopefully curb my desire to chop it off.

Caroline said...

CUT IT OFF!! I've been debating the same thing, and that Keira Knightley pic has been calling my name, so I did it and I'm soooooo happy!!

Stylepint said...

Stay strong! Besides, when you grow it out, you can still get it cut like Keira Knightley and look fabulous! =)