Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pad Thai and Pretty Prints

Today was a much better day. My hair stayed normal-looking all day, I remembered to wear earrings, work went quickly, and I had dinner with an old friend from high school who just happened to be in town for the week. We ate at Cafetasia in the East Village near where I am staying, and the pad thai was delicious and pretty cheap. And I even have leftovers to eat for lunch tomorrow at work (how thrifty of me)!

Occasion: Work and dinner with a friend
What I'm wearing: Love 21 dress, Forever 21 bangles, Vintage earrings via Talk of the Town Vintage, Banana Republic Outlet sandals (not pictured)

I just love this printed dress! This was one of my new finds from the Forever 21 in Times Square. It looks even cuter in person; some of the detailing isn't very clear in the picture, like the button tab sleeves. I'm getting sick of this crappy lighting; I'm looking forward to when I have someone who can take my pictures outside in natural light. Also I wish I could figure out a way to have my feet in the pictures, but it just isn't really working with what I am using for my makeshift tripod. Kind of a bummer, since sometimes the shoes make the outfit. Thankfully there were no work errands to run today, so my feet got a little bit of a rest. I mostly worked on tech packs (the information we send to the factory to have garments made-it mostly contains photos and fabric swatches) today, which was a nice change of pace from trend research. Hoping the rest of this week goes as quickly as the beginning because I have a three day weekend ahead! Oh, and is anyone else super excited to see Eclipse? I know I am!

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