Monday, June 28, 2010

A Case of the Mondays

To be completely honest, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. The morning that greeted me was extremely hot, and I was sweating before I even got outside. My dorm does not have air conditioning, and the windows only open about an inch so this heat has been pretty brutal. Its so frustrating to get up early to do my hair and makeup before work, just to have it completely ruined by sweat and humidity before I get there. I felt rushed this morning, so much that I forgot to drink more than two sips of my coffee (again) and forgot to put on earrings (this NEVER happens. Literally never. I even wear earrings to the gym). Then to top things off, my outfit pictures sucked. Which then made me second-guess what I was wearing the rest of the day. I'm trying out the shorts trend because of how hot it is, but I think there was a reason I avoided them to begin with. I just don't think they are for me. This is just about the only outfit picture that I found acceptable to post.

Occasion: Work
What I'm wearing: Banana Republic Outlet blouse, Ann Taylor Loft shorts, Topshop Necklace

Oh and to top off the day, I dripped oily dressing down the front of myself at lunch, so this shirt could possibly be ruined. Hopefully my drycleaner is a miracle worker. But enough pity party for one day...tomorrow will be better, I hope. Here are some pictures from my Sunday excursions.

The new Forever 21 in Times Square that opened Friday

This Forever 21 has four floors and definitely lived up to my expectations. It was well organized and spaced out, which was a nice change from the ones I've been to in Ohio. They also had a large room devoted to the Love 21 line which is my favorite line they carry(the dresses actually cover my butt unlike most of the other dresses there. I swear they are designed for girls that are five foot and about twelve years old with zero curves)
. I walked away with a dress and a tank top that was only $2.50(!) so I had to get it. After this, I went and grabbed some lunch and headed to Soho.


Topshop (obviously)

My first stop in Soho was Uniqlo, which I had never been to before. I LOVED it! Basics in every color imaginable and at an amazing price. I tried some things on but felt like I needed a second opinion before buying anything. I may go back and purchase some belts though; they had them in pretty much every color and all were under $10. Next, I went to Topshop for the first time. I was a little overwhelmed because they were having a sale, and it was very crowded. But I did walk away with a pretty necklace (the one I'm wearing in the picture above). Overall, it was exciting being able to shop at some new stores that I had only ever heard about and that I don't have at home. My self-control has still remained intact surprisingly; I have been a very good bargain-shopper since I have been here. We'll see how long this lasts...


Anonymous said...

Yikes....definitely sounds like you got up on the wrong side of the's a new day...enjoy

Anonymous said...

Not sure if it was a reference to Office Space but...nice title to this post anyway.