Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Count

So I'm finally in New York, and yesterday was my first day at my internship! I'm interning in the design department at a fashion company. This is quite a departure from my merchandising specialization that I have been taking classes for, but so far I'm really enjoying it. I'm going to do my best to document my work outfits throughout the summer. The office is pretty casual, which makes getting dressed in the morning a little easier.

Occasion: First day of work
What I'm wearing: J.Crew dress, Banana Republic Outlet belt, Gap flats, Kate Spade tote

I stuck with a pretty classic outfit for the first day since I wasn't sure what to expect. The atmosphere at the office is very casual and laidback, so I ended up being a little overdressed (although that isn't necessarily bad for a first day of work....better to be overdressed than underdressed). New York has been treating me is the count so far:
-Amount of money spent on shopping: $0 (go me!)
-Number of trips to Pinkberry: 1 (anyone who knows me knows I have a fro yo addiction, so this number is bound to get pretty high by August)
-Super nice roommates: 2 (both are fashion interns so being randomly paired up worked out nicely)
-Number of times getting lost on the subway: 1 (it was bound to happen eventually)
-Number of drag queens seen: 1 (not something you see everyday where I'm from)
-Number of stylish people spotted: 10274924422 (okay obviously an exaggeration, but it really is inspiring being in a city with so many well-dressed people...quite a departure from my college campus)

So overall, its been a good few days. I'm hoping for a whole summer's worth of good days in this amazing city!

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