Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Retail Therapy

hearts top
Head Over Heels Heart Top

My mom probably just saw that post title and cringed. But no worries Mom, I haven't pulled out my credit card just yet. Although I AM rather tempted by this adorable top from Ruche. I've had this top bookmarked for almost two months now, thinking it would be perfect for Valentines Day. With my V-day plans (almost) solidified and the only size left in stock being mine, this top is calling my name. But then I pause, like the good shopper I am, and wonder how I would wear it. Considering its the middle of winter, a cardigan would definitely be in order. Jeans or a skirt? And then I remember I still really need to invest in a good black skirt, so jeans it is, I guess. I'm also hesitant about shopping online; there is nothing more frustrating than anticipating a package filled with pretty clothes just to have it arrive and not fit. It is a reasonable price, though. Then again, the Urban Outfitters on campus is having a big sale right now, so maybe I should go spend my (limited) dollars there. Thoughts? What would you do?

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Beth said...

You know me so well! I did catch myself cringing...but, the top is adorable...sooooooo :)