Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Weekend in Pictures (and a few words)

View from our front window

On Friday, I had to go to Cincinnati to see a back specialist, so I decided to stay the whole weekend and enjoy some time with my family. Although it was a little scary trying to get home in the middle of a snowstorm Thursday night, it was really nice to be home.

Pretty House in Snow
Pretty view on the way to the hospital

I spent most of Friday heading back and forth to the hospital for CAT scans and appointments. On the plus side, the route to the hospital is a scenic one with lots of pretty houses. When I was young, my mom and I would always pick which ones we wanted to live in someday. I love silly little memories like that.

Black Raspberry-Chip Shake

Thankfully, I received pretty good news at the appointment with the specialist. Although I do have a crack in the vertebrae of my spine, I avoided surgery and only have to do physical therapy. I'm also allowed to workout again, as long as I can keep my pain under control. We celebrated this good news with Graeters milkshakes. Yum.

Lucky Mag-Columbus
Lucky Magazine's City Guide

During some of my downtime at home, I had a chance to flip through the latest Lucky Magazine. I was excited to discover that Columbus was featured in this month's City Guide! That is where I currently am living while going to school, so it was really cool to see it get some of the credit it deserves.

Craft Supplies
Craft supplies

I spent Saturday doing some of my favorite things: hanging out with my mom, going to the library, shopping at JoAnn Fabrics, and seeing a movie (No Strings Attached; so cute! Definitely recommend it!). This list definitely proves I'm a huge nerd, but I'm okay with it. At JoAnns, I picked up some supplies for some more headbands; I swear I'll get my Etsy shop up and running one of these days! I also bought this Simplicity pattern for only $.99! I don't really sew, but I'm determined to learn. And what better way than with an adorable dress?

Fruity Pebble Bars
Fruity Pebbles bars

Before I headed back to campus today, my mom helped me make these Fruity Pebbles bars. Super easy, and super delicious! I was originally inspired by the recipe in Instyle Magazine but ended up just following the recipe straight off the Fruity Pebbles box. There's nothing like colorful, cheery baked goods to brighten your day. Another thing that made my day? Being approached at lunch today by a Best Foot Forward reader! This was the first time I've ever been recognized because of my blog, and it was really exciting! I was looking very non-style-blogger in sweats and Uggs, but I guess we all have days like that. Regardless of my unfashionable attire, it was one of the highlights of the last few days. Okay, well now that I've told you all about my weekend, I want to hear about yours! What was the highlight of your weekend?


Colleen said...

Glad you got good news on your back

Also, it is super exciting to be recognized.

Linda W said...

It's wonderful to hear that you don't need surgery! What a relief for you!
Sounds like you had a great weekend at home.

The Auspicious Life

Stacey Kay said...

Those fruity pebble bars look delish!

Stacey Kay
“Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”
Women’s Fashion Examiner-Cleveland

AmyW said...

I saw that recipe too, but haven't tried it yet. They do look so yum though!

Viktoria with a K said...

Yay for good news!

I went to JoAnn's over the weekend, too. Great minds must think alike. What pattern number is that dress? One of my goals for 2011 is to sew a dress and that one is cute!

kelley @ the eclectic owl said...

I have that same pattern! I even have several pieces of fabric for it...but I haven't been brave enough to try it out. Hope your doctors appointments went well and everything is okay :)

Anne said...

Everything is better with Graeters.

I got a sewing machine for Christmas but am having trouble getting up the nerve to actually try sewing something - that dress pattern just might be cute enough to get me going!