Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Scarf For All Seasons


What I'm wearing: Gap tee, Uniqlo sweater, Gap blazer, Forever 21 scarf, Old Navy skinny jeans, J.Crew boots, Vintage earrings, Forever 21 ring

Today was another rainy, cold day here in Columbus. I can't believe it's feels like February! But on the bright side, it's given me an excuse to keep wearing some of my out-of-season favorites. I also wore my all-time favorite scarf. I've worn this scarf so many times, during all kinds of temperatures and weather. It is relatively lightweight, but still offered me a little bit of protection from the elements today. These pictures were taken after a long day of running around, so excuse the fact that I look like a bit of a wreck and that the refrigerator has managed to creep into the corner of both pictures. Here are some ways I've worn this scarf previously...


I've had this scarf for forever, and I still absolutely love it. I hope to start doing these little "previously worn" pictures more often to show how I remix my favorites!

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